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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers For Addiction With Twelve Steps Programs In Nunavut

Twelve-step drug and alcohol treatment centers will either be operated out of an outpatient program or an inpatient treatment center. The outpatient process involves the patient attending daily counseling and therapy, along with taking part in other methods to help them achieve sobriety. Residential twelve-step programs are live-in facilities, and the patient will stay at the center during the course of his or her treatment. Throughout Nunavut and within the large communities are some rehabilitation services for adults and teens. There may not be numerous options within the territory, but this does not mean addicts, and their families cannot access treatment options within other provinces. Drug and alcohol treatment will either be privately funded options, which is paid by the family, and other services are low-cost or offer treatment for patients.

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Drug Use among Teens and Youth

Throughout Nunavut, many of the youth living within the smaller communities and towns are becoming immersed in alcohol, marijuana, and having nothing to do, which does lead to experimenting with available substances. There is an unfortunate stigma attached to youth living in this part of the country, many of them are experimenting with drugs and alcohol, but do not always have direct access to the proper help. Many start using these substances at a very young age, and some youth are growing up within difficult environments, which brought on the drug or alcohol use. Some drug treatment resources within Nunavut can help teens with these problems, but more can still be done and more services can be provided.

What solutions can be provided in Nunavut to combat these problems?

Some of the solutions within the territory that have been recommended to help youth who are struggling with addiction include the following:

  • More help to the people living in these communities – this does include more drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, better policing within local communities, and more counseling and therapy programs.
  • Culture and tradition – there is such a rich and deep cultural heritage within the people living in this part of Canada. First Nations have historically utilized various natural healing approaches, and this can still be used today and is successful.

Regardless of what type of help is being provided, the youth living in Nunavut require access to these resources. Drug and alcohol treatment will change people for the better, but it will be the combined responsibility of the community and the treatment services working together to help the youth living within this part of the country.

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