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Drug And Alcohol Interventionist Services In Nunavut

Professional interventionists can travel anywhere from any part of the country, but if the family cannot afford an interventionist, there are other options to consider. Individuals who organize support groups or twelve-step meetings often can assist with family interventions. People who can help can also be found through local churches or local health services that operate within cities and towns. Regardless of who is brought in to help it is important that a third party is taken advantage of because he or she can help mediate the intervention, but also assist with convincing the addict, they need help. The person assisting with the intervention can also help with organizing the intervention.

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Success cannot be guaranteed

The success of the intervention cannot always be guaranteed, and this simply means that there will be a possibility that the addict will refuse and not want to go for help. Please remember that this is not a total failure if this occurs, and this is because the family can follow through with ‘plan b’, which is the tough love approach. This step involves cutting the addict off completely until they decide to go to drug and alcohol rehabilitation. This may involve not paying his or her bills, no longer bailing them out of trouble or handling their legal fees. Tough love is difficult, but the family should constantly remind themselves that it is ok not to like what they are doing, which does not change how much they love them.

How would the intervention be planned?

The intervention planning process involves working with people who are willing to help, having a drug and alcohol and rehabilitation center available and preparing for anything to happen. Other things to consider include:

  • Putting a group together of six or less people – less is more, and typically immediate family and people the addict respects such as close friends are the best people to have at an intervention.
  • Organize the exact location and go over the process without the addict there – finding a suitable location is essential, and having everything ready to go is done with pre-planning, which means being ready to transport them directly to treatment after the intervention is successful.
  • Arrive early on the day it is taking place, and be prepared for anything – the family has to remember that the addiction will push a person to do some crazy things and his or her emotions will drastically change.

In order for the intervention to be a success, everyone involved needs to be on the same page and work together. A drug intervention can be successful, and the addict can get the help they need.

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