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Long-Term Residential Drug Rehab Centers In Ontario

The drug problems in Ontario impact families from all corners of the province, and currently such drugs like Fentanyl are becoming a problem within the province and are responsible for many overdose deaths. Long-term residential drug treatment centers continually see new patients struggling with Fentanyl addiction, and these residential centers can offer the necessary treatment and counseling for the addict and his or her family. Throughout Ontario are over 45 different residential drug and alcohol rehab centers most of which provide long-term drug treatment. The length of time for each long-term program will last three to six months, and some facilities can provide services for upwards of a year. Government-funded programs and low-cost centers within the province of Ontario may have long waiting lists, but families should not allow that to stop them from locating the right form of treatment. Privately funded long-term treatment programs within Ontario will cost money for addicts to attend, but many of these types of centers offer different payment methods and ways for families or addicts to pay for treatment.

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The province of Ontario has one of the largest populations within Canada, with the majority living within the Greater Toronto Area. Fortunately, for addicts and their families living in Ontario, there are many resources that provide long-term care as a both residential and outpatient treatment. Many of the long-term care facilities are situated close to Toronto and throughout South Western Ontario. The province provides subsidized programs for families who cannot afford treatment, along with low-cost and or free drug rehab. Other long-term treatment centers throughout the province are private centers and will come at a cost whether it is covered by insurance or paid out of pocket by the family or addict. One of the small differences between private and subsidized programs besides the cost involves the length of time it takes to get into treatment and the extended resources that will be provided. The beneficial aspect of long-term drug rehab centers includes more in-depth counseling and therapy because the patient can remain there for longer periods of time.

How can an addict determine how long treatment will take?

It is very realistic to say that it can take any length of time for an addict to successfully complete drug treatment. While most facilities have a pre-determined length of time, there are some long-term care centers who can provide lengthier stays then what was originally determined. This may be because the addict is not responding to treatment very well, or there may be pre-existing physical or mental health problems that are compounding the issues at hand. Once an addict begins his or her treatment, the counselor and staff can make reasonable assessments at how long the whole process will take, and this includes detox, therapy, and aftercare. An addict should expect anything to take place with regards to the length of time, and should not rush his or her treatment. This is the best time for them to take advantage of every opportunity to become drug-free, and re-shape their lives for the better.

The information below will help you on how to find a long-term residential drug rehab in Ontario. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Residential Long-Term Drug Rehab Centers in Ontario


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