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Peterborough, Ontario Drug Rehab Centers

Drug Rehab Services is a no-cost referral agency in Peterborough and all over Ontario and Canada for drugs and alcohol abuse problems. We have helped thousands of persons getting help in the following drug rehab services:

  •   Crack Cocaine rehab
  •   Residential drug rehabs
  •   OxyContin dependency
  •   Detoxification centers in Peterborough
  •   Private drugs and alcohol treatment facilities
  •   Marijuana use drug rehab

The city of Peterborough is located between the cities of Toronto and Ottawa and has a population of over 80,000 people and because of its location drug and alcohol problems do affect the local communities, and some of these issues are overflowing from Ottawa and Toronto. The drug and alcohol treatment resources within the city include multiplied locations of Alcoholic Anonymous meetings, Narcotic Anonymous meetings, and Naranon meetings. These various meetings and support groups can help families and individuals, recovering addicts, and addicts who have never sought help before.

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Our goal is to give you the best advice possible for treatment facilities so you or a loved one gets a drug-free life. Because Peterborough is a fairly large city, there are many problems that people have to face with drugs and alcohol addiction. However, luckily, there are many people who dedicate their lives to helping out addict such as the staff in the drug rehab centers.

Drug rehab centers in Ontario are found in sufficient numbers. You'll also find government-funded drug rehab centers through Drug and Alcohol Registry of Treatment. However, these rehab centers usually have a long waiting list with quite a few administrative procedures. There are some non-public drug rehabilitation centers where individuals can be admitted the same day they come to the centers and find the help they need. Private drug rehab centers in Ontario can be a higher option but are for more durable cases and will help people who relapsed numerous times in their addiction. Funded drug rehab centers usually wait for the person to be willing to do the drug treatment and sometimes even ask them to be sober the week before going into the drug rehab center. That's sometimes a problem for drug addicts. But what about families with a loved one that don't want to follow any drug addiction treatment? Non-public drug recovery centers have the staff to take care of such individuals. Their staff often has their own past drug addiction experience, which makes them understand even better the individuals' needs.

Peterborough Drug Rehab Information and Situation

Peterborough, Ontario is an average-size city in the Southern part of the province. With a population of 116,570 people, it is the smallest census metropolitan area in all of Canada. It is the 14th biggest city in Ontario and is one of the highest-ranked populations in terms of age, with an average age of 42.8 years old. The majority of the people speak English, and there are other languages but are only in minorities. There are many kinds of drugs that can be found in Peterborough, and the police forces are often trying to stop their trafficking.

Marijuana is one of the prominent drugs in Peterborough, as you will see in the following examples. There was an operation that busted a man who dealt drugs, specifically marijuana. The man was charged with marijuana possession and marijuana production. The police found 29 cannabis plants that were growing and 111 grams of marijuana. The total of the seizure was worth 31,220 dollars. There were also firearms involved, as it happens often in this kind of situation. Another bust happened in September 2009 involving a marijuana growing operation. In this bust, the following things were seized:

  •   Marijuana shake (6.8 kg)
  •   Marijuana (139 g)
  •   Marijuana resin (25 g) -Equipment
  •   Ammunitions

The drug seizure alone was worth over six thousand dollars. The man was charged with several counts of possession, the intent of trafficking, etc.

However, marijuana is not the only drug that is seen on the Peterborough market. The authorities have been seeing a lot more of the harder drugs. There are such drugs as crystal methamphetamine, crack cocaine, ecstasy, etc., which are alarming the population of Peterborough. Because of their very addictive nature, the officials are concerned that meth and other drugs will become a really big problem in the city.

Inpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs in Peterborough

Residential drug and alcohol treatment can help treat any type of addiction or substance abuse problem, but there may not always be residential drug treatment facilities in every town and city. For many families living in Peterborough, they will have to travel to Ottawa or Toronto to attend a private or a government-funded rehabilitation center. Residential drug rehab will either be a long-term program or a short-term option, and this will depend upon the severity of the person's addiction, and whether or not they have been through a drug treatment program before.

Outpatient Drug and Alcohol Treatment Programs

The outpatient drug treatment process is not always designated to a formal outpatient center who handles substance abuse and addiction. Other outpatient resources can include 12-step meetings and support groups for families and individuals. The outpatient programs in Ontario are primarily government-funded programs and offer low-cost or free treatment services for anyone who requires it.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Peterborough

Detoxification is not always easy, and for too many drug users and addicts living in Peterborough, it can be hard to locate the proper resources and be able to attend these programs. The fear of withdrawal pains is what keeps many addicts from ever attempting a detox, and there is also the fear of immediate relapse if they are not able to enter a drug treatment center directly after detox. This is one of the major problem's addicts face in smaller cities are the waiting lists after a detox program is completed.

If you have a loved one that needs treatment for drugs and alcohol, call us, and we will give you the different options available. On many occasions, getting someone away from his environment of addiction is a better option at least to stop the triggers that the environment is creating. There are a lot of Ontario drug rehabs located around Peterborough.

The information below will help you on how to find a drug rehab in Peterborough, Ontario. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services in Peterborough, Ontario

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