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Opium Detox And Treatment In Prince Edward Island

Cultures that have used the poppy plant date back over five thousand years and the poppy plant is one of the oldest recorded plants in history. Opium is taken from the poppy plant and is a milky substance called latex, which is then manufactured into a brown powder or resin. Once the opium is extracted, it has two main groups of alkaloid Definition of the word alkaloid which are psychoactive Definition of the word psychoactive and one that does not affect the central nervous system Definition of the word central nervous system . The primary and more prevalent alkaloid in opium is morphine, which is where heroin comes from and morphine is the precursor in many opioid pain medications prescribed in Canada. Opium is illegal in Canada under the Controlled Drugs and Substance Act; however, before 1908, narcotics, opiates, alcohol and tobacco were unregulated. The Opium Act in 1908 was created, making the sale, manufacturing and use of opium illegal.

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Opium is a sticky dark brown gum that is also manufactured into a liquid, powder, or solid resin. The most common way to use opium is smoking the drug, but it can also be injected or brewed to make tea. Opium affects everyone differently and it will depend on the drug users' size, weight, health and the regularity of use. Other factors include whether other drugs are taken around the same time, the amount taken, and the strength of the drug, which varies with each batch. Opium has a history across Canada and was used for a variety of reasons. During the 1850s in Prince Edward Island, doctors used opium to cure everything. Doctors during that time created many drug addicts by prescribing opium, especially women who were prescribed the drug to calm their nerves.

Opiate addiction does affect families across the province of Prince Edward Island, and those who are struggling with an addiction do not always find the right help. The best treatment process for an opiate addiction starts with withdrawal management or medical detox. The medical detox process is crucial and will help opiate addicts safely stop using the drug. Once detox is complete, the next step is a lengthy residential treatment, yet many addicts choose outpatient care. There is a high rate of relapse connected to opiate addiction, which is why longer-term treatment is required. Aftercare programs in the province include sober living and peer support groups. Recovering addicts should also be working on their sobriety after treatment, especially after recovering from opiate addiction.

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The information below will help you on how to find an opium detox or treatment program in Prince Edward Island. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Detox Centers for Drug Addiction in Prince Edward Island


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