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Over The Counter Drugs Detox And Treatment In Northwest Territories

Over the counter drugs are bought without a doctor’s prescription at pharmacies, grocery stores, and convenience stores in the Northwest Territories. These products are usually accessible by anyone, which makes them appealing to adolescents. Most over the counter drugs are also easily purchased through online pharmacies. Adolescents who abuse these drugs will search for information on the internet about how to use OTC drugs and what they can be mixed with. Over the counter drugs are bought to manage symptoms related to the flu, the common cold, allergies, motion sickness, sleep problems, and minor pain. Most over the counter drugs are generally safe to take; however, when they are used in excess, they become addictive and cause dangerous health problems.

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The drugs are increasingly used by young people to get high; however, the person must take a lot of the drug to get high or feel any euphoric effect. The short-term effects of over the counter drug abuse are headaches, vomiting, loss of consciousness, impaired judgment, and nausea. Other symptoms are irregular heartbeat, seizures, panic attacks, euphoria, psychosis, and dizziness. The long-term effects of OTC drug abuse become more severe. People who abuse these drugs will deal with addiction, restlessness, insomnia, high blood pressure, and diarrhea. When the drugs are abused, large amounts are consumed, and even mixed with alcohol or marijuana. OTC drugs are also combined with prescription drugs to intensify the effects.

The abuse of over the counter drugs will lead to overdose, and the severity of the overdose depends on the amount of the drug they took. Additionally, the severity of an overdose depends on if the over the counter drug was used in combination with prescription drugs, illicit drugs, or alcohol. For example, acetaminophen and alcohol increase the damage done to the liver. Alcohol places significant stress on the liver, but when taken with acetaminophen, it can create irreversible liver damage. DXM and alcohol is a popular combination because DXM acts as a central nervous system Definition of the word central nervous system depressant Definition of the word depressant . Alcohol is also a central nervous system depressant, and both increase the risk of respiratory depression and overdose.

According to a CBC article, the three northern territories have some of the highest rates of hospital stays because of the harm caused by alcohol and drugs. Between 2017 to 2018, more than 400 Canadians are hospitalized every day because of alcohol and drugs; however, in the territories, it is doubled. The Northwest Territories had the highest rate of hospital stays due to substance abuse in the country. The rate was 2,015 cases per 100,000 people, which was more than four times the national rate. The combination of alcohol and over the counter drugs increases the chances of being admitted to the hospital.

Drug and alcohol treatment programs in the territory will help those individuals who are struggling with an addiction to over the counter drugs. The rehabilitation resources in the Northwest Territories include outpatient treatment, individual counseling, family therapy, and peer support. The residential treatment options are not extensive, but residents can access help in Northern Alberta or Northern British Columbia.


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