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Oxycontin Drug Detoxification In British Columbia

One of the reasons that some people do not want to enter a rehabilitation program when they are struggling with an addiction to Oxycontin is because they do not feel like they have become addicted. The reason behind this thinking is because technically the use of Oxycontin is not illegal in British Columbia. It is, in fact, a prescribed drug. Doctors use it to help control the amount of pain a patient has to deal with. When used correctly and for short periods of time, the Oxycontin is not a problem. However, lots of people become addicted to the dreamlike state the drug sends them into. In order to be able to keep using the drug, their body will even tell them that they are still in pain and need it. That is why it is important for someone addicted to the drug to get into an Oxycontin drug detox and drug rehab in British Columbia.

The other reason that some people drag their feet about the rehab is that they are terrified of the detoxification process. Every time a person talks about rehab they always mention how sick and horrible they felt while they were in detox. No one wants to go through the experience. While it is true that the detox is not going to be any fun, there is no reason for the addicts to fear the process.

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The first thing addicts have to understand is that the withdrawal symptoms to Oxycontin are not as severe as the ones associated with some other types of drugs. Most people find that when they abruptly stop using the Oxycontin, they get about as sick as they would if they had a really severe case of the flu. Not much fun, but not completely unbearable either.

Although the length of time it takes for an addict to make it through the worst phases of the Oxycontin detoxification process depends on how long and how heavily they have been taking the drug, some are over the worst of it in 6 or seven hours. Others can take as long as 30 hours, which is still less than for other addictions where the withdrawal can last for seven days.

It is best for the addict to get themselves admitted into one of British Columbia's detoxification centers rather than trying to get through the process on their own. The centers are staffed with professionals who will not only make it impossible for the addict to get to any Oxycontin but who will also make sure that they stay safe throughout the process. And once they have gone through the process of withdrawal; they can go to one of the residential drug rehab treatments in British Columbia and get some more help.


The information below will help you on how to find an oxycodone detox center in British Columbia. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Detox Programs for Drug Addiction in British Columbia

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