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What Is the Situation Regarding Oxycodone Rehabs in Canada?

There are several ways that someone who has gotten far beyond the ability to get off oxycodone themselves can get help. One way is the Suboxone detox; this is the inpatient detoxification. This way, you will have the support of others around you and a great staff for moral and physical support. The staff is also there in case you may need some medication for the withdrawals. You can choose the oxycodone detox; this is a methadone substitution which is a form of the drug that takes the place of the oxycodone.

This method is not suggested unless it is the last resort. You can get addicted to this as well, so what is the point of switching out addictions. One other form is the cold turkey detox. The problem with this is when you talk to any person at the clinic you need to tell them exactly how bad you have gotten. They need to know of any medical problems, heart, lung, and liver whatever. The most important thing you need is support from the people that you care about and that care about you.

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When you are taking oxycodone just remember this. One OxyContin contains ten times the amount of Percocet and OxyContin has worse withdrawal symptoms in the long run than heroin. So that means that oxycodone would be harder to get off of than heroin would be. Now that’s something to consider before you start taking this drug without the right prescription. When you just stop taking oxycodone cold turkey, it can lead to more medical problems.

This is more common with people that already have nonrelated health issues. Most heavy oxycodone users can’t even remember what drugs they consumed so the doctors are forced to wait for one to two days until the drugs are out of the system. This makes for a very severe withdrawal period. The positive thing is if you do not have a history of being addicted to pills, after a seven-month OxyContin detox session you normally will not have any more cravings. If you do still have cravings, you need to get in touch with a therapist, and they will help bring you out of your bindings.

There are oxycodone treatment facilities in Canada that use chemical treatment for their patients as well as therapeutic treatment. They have state of the art rooming and medical physicians.



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