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Oxycontin Addiction Treatment In Newfoundland

An addiction to Oxycontin is a miserable thing to go through. Not only is it hard on the person who is addicted to the drug, but it is also hard on the friends and family members of the addicts. In order for everyone to have a happy future, the addict needs to get the help they need in an Oxycontin addiction treatment in Newfoundland.

One of the things which makes Oxycontin addiction so difficult is that no one just decides to try it. OxyContin is something that is prescribed by doctors to help their patients manage pain. The problem is that in addition to helping the individual push past their pain, the drug also triggers a euphoric state. Many of the individuals who become addicted to the drug are professionals with high levels of stress. The drug provides the relaxation that they have not been able to achieve in the past.

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The rehabilitation process for an Oxycontin addiction is pretty straight forward. The first step is to wean the addict from the Oxycontin. During this phase, the person will usually feel like a severe case of the flu. The length of time it takes for the person to make it through the withdrawal process depends on the length of time the person has been taking the Oxycontin and how much of the drug they take every single day. The heavier the person uses; the longer detoxification is going to take. Since there is only one detox facility in Newfoundland, the addict should try to get admitted into the center as quickly as they can. The program is usually pretty good about getting people admitted with as short a wait as possible.

Step two is a stint in one of the short term residential drug rehabs in Newfoundland. It is very important that the individual gets into the Oxycontin addiction treatment residential program because it provides them with a very rare opportunity to focus on their counseling and nothing else. The person does not have to worry about finding the strength to resist the Oxycontin; they do not have to deal with employers, and they do not have to worry about their family. For the first time in the addict's adult life, all they have to focus on is their own well-being.

Upon leaving the residential program the person is going to be sent back into the real world and all its temptations. This can be a very stressful time, exactly the type of situation that the person would normally need the Oxycontin to get through. To help stay off drugs, the addict needs to enroll in one of Newfoundland's outpatient programs.

Oxycontin Detox In Newfoundland

In the past, the drugs that people worried about in Newfoundland were traditional ones. They involved heroin, cocaine, and pot. Then, around 1995, the drug scene changed and some people developed an alarming dependency on a drug called Oxycontin. Right now, Newfoundland's drug situation is not perfect, but it is better than other areas of the country, and the number of addicts per capita is well below the national average. The province does not have a large number of residents who are addicted to Oxycontin. The fact that there aren't many individuals living in Newfoundland who are struggling with Oxycontin addiction, is a mixed blessing. Not having many addicts who are addicted to the drug is good for the province but not so good for anyone who is currently struggling with an addiction to the drug.

Since there are so few residents addicted to the drug, the experts who make up the staff of Newfoundland's single detoxification program do not have a great deal of experience dealing with addicts who are trying to overcome their Oxycontin addiction problem. The staff can do some research on what to expect as the person with this type of addiction enters the first stages of withdrawal, but doing research is not the same as actually getting hands-on experience. The perk to going through Newfoundland's detox center is that it is close to home, and it is really well staffed. They have a solid reputation for running a facility that is clean, efficient, and that keeps addicts safe as they struggle to purge their bodies of the drugs.

Another advantage to the program is that the province is really good about getting people in quickly. If a person contacts the program and says that they need to get help and start the Oxycontin rehabilitation program, they will do everything that they can to get the person into the detoxification program within 24 hours. The speed in getting the addict admitted to the detox program is important. The faster the drug addict starts their treatment, the less time they have to change their mind. Once done with the Oxycontin detox program, the addict can be referred to a drug rehab center in Newfoundland. If the addict is worry that the staff at the Newfoundland facility does not have enough experience with Oxycontin withdrawal they could consider traveling. There are other programs, some privately funded, that are very experienced with Oxycontin addiction and who are willing to do whatever it takes to help the patient to become drug-free.

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The information below will help you on how to find an oxycontin rehab center in Newfoundland. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Newfoundland Oxycontin Inpatient Treatment


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