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What Is Considered an Addiction to Oxycodone?

In the past ten years, the addiction rate from oxycodone has dramatically increased. They are easy to find and very addictive. In the United States, the oxycodone use has gone up by three hundred percent and since then the number of emergency-room visits from overdosing on the drug has gone up five hundred percent. The fact that it is in tablet form makes it a good drug for people that are addicted to opiates, that are normally shot up with needles. The problem is that oxycodone is a time-release pill and in order to speed it up, users will crush it up and snort it or even melt it down and shoot it. It isn’t hard for addicts to get the drug either, all they have to do is call in a fake prescription or steal them from the pharmacy. Most people can just go to the doctor or someone they know claiming to be in serious pain to get a prescription.

Oxycodone addiction has been known to make people lose their jobs, lose their friends and families, and just ruining their lives in general. Oxycodone is a level-two drug which means it is highly addictive and is regulated by the government. The government regulates the sales, use, and possession of the drug; the manufacturing is even regulated. To give you an example of a level-two drug would be to tell you that heroin is a level-one. The more addictive the drug the lower the level, the levels go up to five, which is the less addictive medication.

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There have been a number of cases of oxycodone deaths in the news over the last few years. The problem is that the effects of the drug for chronic pain are great; you just can’t overlook the possibility of addiction and misuse. With long term use of this drug, the user can become tolerant to the effects. This means that they have to up their dosage in order to get the same feeling as before, that is what causes a lot of oxycodone overdoses. When a user begins to up their dosage is when the addiction can start to take hold. When the person gets addicted to a narcotic drug, they will start to do illegal things to get the drug. Get to an oxycodone addiction treatment if you have a hard time quitting the use of the medication.

The addiction to pills is usually considered a white-collar addiction, meaning that the upper classes normally have this problem. In reality, oxycodone has been affecting every culture, but studies show that the biggest group that abuses this drug is older white women. The recovery from an addiction to this medication is very difficult because it isn’t just a mental addiction it is also physical. What makes it hard is that with addicts, the opiates stimulate the brain and cause extreme pleasure. The relaxation can last four hours after the initial high fade off. That is why you only use this drug if prescribed, and take it the way it is directed. Do not take it longer than prescribed or up your own dosage. The drug is meant to help not hurt.

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