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What Are the Oxycodone Problems in Canada?

The fastest rising form of addiction in Canada today is that of abusing Oxycontin pills. This medication has a large amount of oxycodone that makes up this pharmaceutical prescription drug. Oxycodone is an opiate that is used for the treatment of chronic pain conditions. This type of prescription is given to cancer patients and those with severe back pain. However, many people receive this medication for recovery from surgery and battling arthritis pain.

With the influx of Oxycontin medication into the general public, many people have become addicted to it after prolonged use. When used for a long period of time the body begins to compensate for the oxycodone and how it affects the body. The user then needs more to deaden the pain. This leads to severe Oxycontin addiction that is hard to overcome. With this Oxycontin addiction, are several other problems.

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Severe medical conditions are just one form of the many problems that Oxycontin addiction leads to. Mild symptoms are dizziness, nausea, headache, vomiting, and weakness. More serious problems start to develop after more use of the drug. These can include conditions like lightheadedness, confusion, disorientation, breathing problems, and phantom aches and pains that the body uses to trick the mind into needing the drug.

Besides these conditions, there are also some severe medical problems that someone with prolonged use of Oxycontin can have. These conditions will include heart problems, severe psychotic Definition of the word psychotic problems, depression, respiratory problems, and liver and kidney functions begin to cease. Weight problems are also associated with prolonged use of Oxycontin.

While medical problems are severe, there are also problems caused by someone being addicted to Oxycontin. One of these is the increased amount of money that is being spent to combat this addiction. Treatment centers have to spend more on additional staff and programs specifically aimed at Oxycontin addiction.

Add to this the millions spent each year in law enforcement strategies and manpower to combat this growing Oxycontin addiction problem. However, the most serious problem is the cost of stolen items that people who use Oxycontin steal to sell for money to purchase their drug. This is a growing epidemic and costs insurance companies millions in replacement costs.

Lastly, another problem associated with the abuse of Oxycontin is societal issues. Someone who is addicted to oxycodone or Oxycontin pills has a decreased sense of morals and obligations. Their only need is to find more of the pills to satisfy the need. This means that they will lie, steal, cheat, and do illegal acts in order to have more of the pills. There is also the teardown of families and loved ones.

These problems can be prevented with some education and treatment. With long-term treatment for people with Oxycontin addictions, they can become better oriented towards life and combating their addiction. Oxycontin addiction is not only a problem because of medical conditions, but because of the way that it affects all areas of life and society. When someone is suspected of abusing Oxycontin medication, there should be an immediate intervention and looking at oxycodone addiction programs for bringing that person back to whom they were.


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