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Alcohol And Pancreatic Damage

Alcohol not only affects the liver as more and more people are finding out the hard way, but it also affects other parts of the body. Stomach problems often occur with excessive drinking. Pancreatitis is a problem of inflammation in the pancreas, which is the oblong gland located in the abdomen. This condition is caused by alcohol consumption and can prove to be fatal.

Some people can suffer from a sudden onset of abdominal pain, or it can be a long term condition. Both can either suddenly or eventually end up fatal. Pancreatic problem is not something to ignore in anyone and if someone is an alcoholic, it is even more likely that it is something serious.

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Pancreatic cancer is an illness that falls under the statistical documentation of cancers and then generally terminal illnesses and death. However, it is one of the types of illnesses that is started by a person's excessive consumption of alcohol.

Pancreatic problems date back several centuries, such as by Cawley in 1788 and Friedrich in 1878. Both had male patients who had drinking problems and pancreatic problems. Both found the tie between the two. There have been many medical studies since then that have confirmed the relationship between drinking and pancreatic illnesses.

How are these problems found to be connected? Today, clinical observations come from the onset of acute or chronic pain accompanied by an excessive rise in blood level enzymes, sometimes three times what it should normally be. Cat scans and x-rays can show visual damage to the pancreatic area. Blood tests can show it as well. For those who succumb fatally to pancreatic conditions, autopsies further evaluate and determine the relationship between alcohol and pancreatic cancers and illnesses.

Once the relationship between alcohol consumption and pancreatic illnesses is found, a person can sometimes be persuaded to cut back on his or her drinking. However, the damage is seldom reversible. The patient may not have as many acute or chronic onsets of pain but the damage is done.

The pancreas can have problems from other factors such as a gallstone or tumor, but alcohol has been found to be the reason behind many physical ailments associated with the pancreas. The problems related to alcohol consumption, though, can speed up an already existing ailment, start an ailment and lead to fatalities. The damage is irreversible and physicians adamantly tell patients to avoid alcohol use altogether.

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