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Prince Edward Island And Alcoholics Anonymous

Due to the small population, Prince Edward Island does not get as much funding for alcohol rehabilitation programs as some of the other provinces do. That is why it is so important that there are plenty of Alcoholics Anonymous programs in the area. The purpose of the AA is to make sure that everyone has all the help and support that they need to get through the program

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The Pros

For many people, the best thing about the Alcoholics Anonymous Program is that it is free. There are absolutely no membership fees or dues. Since holding down a job is difficult when you are in the throes of an addiction to alcohol many of the alcoholics can only afford counseling that is free. The Alcoholics Anonymous relies on donations for funding so anytime anyone does have a couple of extra bucks to donate it is greatly appreciated

Just because an addict might be traveling and not in Prince Edward Island doesn't mean that they have to rely on their own will power to stop themselves from going to the bar and ordering a drink. Alcoholics Anonymous has chapters all over the world, and the meetings are almost always open to anyone. To find a meeting in your new location all you have to do is go online and look up the local chapter's website.

There really isn't a limit on how many people can attend a meeting. Sometimes there are going to be a lot of people and other times there will only be a couple. As long as the meeting place is large enough to accommodate a crowd anyone can attend. There is no waiting list to deal with.

It doesn't matter how far an addict is into their recovery period. If they have just made the decision to sober up and are on a waiting list for one of the short term residential programs they are welcome to attend. They are also welcome to come if they have been sober for thirty years but just felt a sudden urge for a glass of beer or a shot of whiskey. Even if it has been years since an addict has had to attend a meeting they are more than welcome.

Alcoholics Anonymous provides a safe environment for the addict. Even though there are lots of situations when just being able to talk about something makes a person feel better, many addicts are embarrassed. They are worried that people are going to judge them and find them weak. Knowing that every other person in the room has gone through the exact same things usually makes it easier to talk.

The Cons

The biggest complaint that many people have with Alcoholics Anonymous is that they believe in religious healing. This is fine if an addict believes in God, but many atheists and members of unusual denominations feel uncomfortable. Sometimes they feel like if they aren't spiritual that they will never be able to get a grip on their addiction and be able to put drinking behind them.

The information below will help you on how to find an AA meeting in Prince Edward Island. Since meetings change regularly, the list may be inaccurate. If you need more information on a specific meeting, please visit the website provided with that meeting.

List of AA Meetings in P.E.I.

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