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Alcohol Addiction and Treatment Services in Prince Edward Island

A lot of people are using alcohol, from all walks of life. It is very important to understand that alcoholism is not limited to only one type of person. Many teenagers are drinking alcohol regularly in PEI. This can show alcoholism forming or already formed. And although it is sometimes overlooked, there are a lot of seniors in PEI who are struggling with alcoholism. Alcoholism can strike at any point and there are 30-day alcohol treatment programs in PEI to help people of all ages. One of the biggest problems with alcohol addiction is drunk driving. In PEI, there are over eighty percent of the deaths on the road that are linked to alcohol consumption. This is a real problem in PEI and one that has to be dealt with. One of the best solutions as far as drunk driving goes is to get people educated on alcohol and to get those addicted to it to attend treatment. There are a lot of different educational programs going on in PEI regarding alcohol and drunk driving.

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Alcohol Recovery In Prince Edward Island

There was a study made in PEI and it found that over eight percent of the entire population is into heavy alcohol drinking. Heavy drinking is a clear sign of addiction and it should not be ignored. It is very damaging to the body of the person who has these kinds of drinking habits. It is also a very dangerous state to be in. Many heavy drinkers get involved in fights and other situations that they would not normally get involved in. The worse kind of actions that one can get involved in this state is drunk driving. This is a problem for all of the citizens of PEI. In order to curb drunk driving, it is imperative that alcoholics get into alcohol treatment and onto the path to recovery. Alcohol recovery, since it implies sobriety, will really help in making the roads safer for all of the Prince Edward Island population. We can help one start onto the road of alcohol recovery.

Alcohol Detox In Prince Edward Island

Getting into an alcohol detox program in Prince Edward Island could be a great deal more complicated than anyone might expect. The problem is that when it comes to alcohol detox and rehabilitation, the province does not have nearly enough resources. Not only is there a long waiting list to get into an alcohol detox program, but before being admitted the addict is going to have to prove that they are seriously committed to making a full recovery. There simply are not enough beds to be able to justify using one for an alcohol addict who is not serious about their alcohol rehab treatment. The difficulty of getting into an alcohol detox program on Prince Edward Island can make it very tempting for the addict to try to self-detox. Technically, it is possible to do this, but it is not advised. The first reason the addict should not try detoxing on their own is that it is very difficult to come up with enough will power to resist the siren call of alcohol once the cravings start.

The second reason the person should not even consider detoxing at home is that it could jeopardize their health. While the withdrawal symptoms from alcohol are not nearly as bad or dangerous as withdrawing from other types of substances, there is still a great deal of risk involved. Heavy and binge Definition of the word binge drinkers have been known to have extreme hallucinations and can start to convulse. Another very real concern is that the addict will become severely dehydrated. If the addict cannot get themselves admitted into one of Prince Edward Island's alcohol detoxification programs, they should look at other alcohol rehab programs. There are lots of programs scattered all over Canada where the addict can dry out in a safe environment under the watchful eye of a professionally trained staff.

Alcohol Residential Treatment In Prince Edward Island

There are a lot of really great things that can be said about Prince Edward Island. One of the things that cannot be commended is their alcohol rehabilitation program, which is not nearly good enough to provide proper treatment to the people who call Prince Edward home and who also need help with their dependency on alcohol. It can sometimes take two weeks for addict finally to get a bed in one of the facilities. The situation means that the manager of the rehab facilities can be very strict about who they admit. They have to be. There is no point in giving a bed to a person who has a problem with alcohol but who is not willing actually to make an effort. The limited bed space means that the program is only going to take people who they feel are really motivated about getting past their addiction and creating a normal life for themselves.

The lack of resources means that a person is going to have to make sure that they are ready to deal with the world as soon as they have been released from the residential program. The first step is to get enrolled in an outpatient program. The outpatient programs are not perfect, and they also fill up fast, but at least it will provide the addict with some addition counseling. The best thing about the outpatient program is that it gives the addict an opportunity to meet people who are at the same stage of their recovery and who live nearby. This is often all it takes for a few people to become friends and to support each other when things get tough. In addition to enrolling in the outpatient program, the addict needs to keep themselves as busy as they can. The more active they are, the less tempted they will be to start drinking. Contact us if you are looking for alcohol treatment in Prince Edward Island.

The information below will help you to find alcohol Treatments in Prince Edward Island. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Treatments for Alcohol Addiction in Prince Edward Island


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