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Getting Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation On Prince Edward Island

Many people might assume that because it is a peaceful island, that drugs aren't a huge problem for Prince Edward Island. While drug use in Prince Edward Island is not nearly as bad as it is in other areas of Canada, a recent survey indicated that at least one out of every four of the graduating high school students have tried marijuana. Another study indicates that approximately six percent of the general population is addicted to some type of illegal or prescription drugs. This number is concerning because there is a chance that drug use could escalate.

The majority of the Prince Edward Island outpatient rehab programs are operated by Health PEI, but each facility provides its clients with a wide variety of services. For example, many of the Health PEI outpatient programs will deliver detox, family support, individual counseling, intensive outpatient services, medical detox, prevention and education programs, and aftercare treatment. Outpatient drug rehab allows the client return home during the evening while they attend therapy daily; however, there is a greater pressure to remain drug and alcohol-free during the beginning because the client is not living at the center. Outpatient rehab programs will administer random drug and alcohol screening, and this is to ensure each patient is successful with his or her treatment. Each outpatient program is set up for the client’s individual needs, and they will work through a certain amount of hours each day and week, for a number of weeks. Upon completion of his or her rehab, the person will look at what needs to be done after treatment, whether this is more counseling or some type of aftercare plan.

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The best way to make sure that drug use on Prince Edward Island doesn't escalate, it is important that the government set up an adequate amount of drug rehabilitation programs. The purpose of these rehabilitation centers is to provide drug addicts with a place that they can go to get the tools they need in order to overcome their addiction and start a clean, drug-free future.

The best way to make sure that Prince Edward Island's drug problem doesn't become worse is to make sure that all drug addicts have access to drug rehabilitation. As of right now, Prince Edward Island has detoxification, residential, and outpatient drug rehabilitation programs with counseling that citizens can take advantage of.

The government currently funds the two outpatient drug rehabilitation programs that are set up to help people overcome addictions to a variety of drugs as well as alcohol.

The outpatient drug treatment options within the province of Prince Edward Island include six distinctive programs most of which are operated by the Prince Edward Island Depart of Health. Outpatient drug treatment can help individuals and families with serious or moderate addictions, whether it is alcohol, prescription drugs, or illicit street drugs. Outpatient drug and alcohol treatment will not always be the best option for extreme long-term addictions, but the services can help treat any type of addiction.

If a person has a loved one who is addicted to drugs they will want to spend some time researching the drug rehabilitation programs Prince Edward Island has to offer. Due to the limited number of rehabilitation programs on the island, they have some pretty strict guidelines about who will be accepted into the program. Many of them require that the person has gone through a detoxification program before they will be admitted.

The other thing people need to consider when they are trying to get someone admitted into one of Prince Edward Island's drug rehabilitation programs is the waiting list. There simply aren't enough drug treatment programs on the island. The average person is usually put on a waiting list. Calling the rehabilitation program and finding out how long the wait is will make it easier to coordinate the detoxification process so that the addict goes straight from detox and into rehab. The less time between detox and rehab, the more successful the program is going to be.

It is important to consider that detoxification and time at the residential drug rehabilitation is seldom enough to overcome the person's addiction. The best plan is to make sure that they are also enrolled in an outpatient drug rehabilitation program. Since Prince Edward Island only has two outpatient programs a great deal of planning needs to be done before the addict enrolls. Someone needs to make sure that the addict has some form of transportation to get to the rehab. Since the addict is still a long way from being completely recovered, it is best if someone drives them to the outpatient facility and then picks them up. This will increase the likelihood of the addict actually attending the program.

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The information below will help you on how to find an outpatient drug rehab in Prince Edward Island. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Drug & Alcohol Outpatient Rehabs in P.E.I.


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