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A Brief Overview Of Percocet Addiction

When a person gets a prescription for Percocet as a pain medication, they obviously think about the fact that the drug is going to make them feel better. However, they do not usually take into account the addictive properties of the drug which the doctors are now starting to consider. In the past ten years, there has been an increase in the number of Percocet addiction. Doctors being aware of it, often try to determine if the person shows any signs of an addictive personality before they give such prescription. Some experts also feel that patients with mild depression are also prone to becoming addicted to Percocet.

It does not take very long for a person to become addicted to the drug. While the purpose of Percocet is to eliminate someone’s pain, one of the side effects is that it stimulates the reward center of the person’s brain. In addition to making the individual feel like they are being rewarded for something; the Percocet also induces a feeling of dreamlike euphoria. In the beginning, it can be difficult to assess if a person actually needs Percocet, or if they are becoming addicted. If the doctors are aware that some of their patients are claiming to be in pain for longer than they should be, they should change their prescription.

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On a long-run Percocet addiction includes long term drowsiness. Another indicator is the individual’s behavior which goes through an extreme personality change. The most common change is the person will become less social and will stop engaging in activities that they always enjoyed to be part of in the past. If the person is constantly changing their personal doctor, it can be another indication that they have developed Percocet addiction. The longer the person takes the Percocet the more they will want to trigger the euphoric state. Before it gets to that point, the person should go to a drug rehab center to be helped with their Percocet addiction.

There are several health problems and side effects that can be connected to someone's addiction to that drug. Long term abuse can actually cause the addict to slip into a coma. While most people do not fall into a coma, other problems can occur such as feelings of intense shame and isolation. Many Percocet addicts are not able to build lasting relationships and maintain steady employment. However, if they get cleaned up at a drug rehab center, they will be able to build up a new life, free from Percocet addiction and its side effects.

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