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Percocet Rehab Treatment & Detox In Ottawa, Ontario

One of the reasons that some Percocet addicts who live in Ottawa resist getting the help they need is because they are terrified of the detoxification process. When a person is addicted to Percocet, they will start to feel the first symptoms of withdrawal within a few hours of their last dose.

It is not unusual for a Percocet addict to have tried detoxing themselves before they enter one of Ottawa’s formal drug detox programs. This means that the addict knows exactly what to expect. On top of knowing how bad things are going to get while they are detoxing, they have to deal with the sense of failure they most likely feel since they were not able to complete the process.

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Percocet addicts who are seriously afraid of what is going to happen to them when they go through one of Ottawa's detoxification process might want to visit a local hospital and learn about a process called rapid detox. When a person agrees to rapid detox, they do not have to worry about how bad their withdrawal symptoms are going to be, because the person will literally sleep right through them. After being admitted into the hospital, they are given a general anesthetic that will knock them right out. While the addict sleeps, the hospital staff will use an IV to administer a cocktail of drugs that are designed to force the body into withdrawal. The drugs are so strong that the length of time it takes the person to go through the process is cut from several days to approximately six hours.

Rapid detox is not a good choice for all Percocet addicts. The first thing that has to be considered is if the person has any known allergies to the medications that will be used, or to the anesthesia. The rapidness of the withdrawal will also take a toll on the person’s body, making doctors reluctant to do it if the person is not in good overall health. In Ottawa, rapid detox is not advised for many addicts, since the addiction itself has often degraded the person's health and so are not good candidates for this type of detox.

Once the detox is done, the addict is ready to start the next phase of a drug rehab treatment in Ottawa.

The information below will help you on how to find a detox center for Percocet addiction in Ottawa, Ontario. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

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