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Percocet Detox And Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the reasons that someone taking Percocet has difficulty to stop taking the drug is due to the severe and immediate withdrawal symptoms. The addict can start experimenting the first symptoms of Percocet withdrawal within hours of taking their final dose of the pain medication.

At first when the person hears about the common withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, blurred vision, cramps and muscle weakness, it is easy for them to assume that they can detox from the drug on their own. After all, most of the symptoms are no different than what the person would experience in the case of the stomach flu. However, it is not until the person actually starts to experience the first symptoms that they realize that Percocet addiction withdrawal is worse than any flu they have ever experienced. Not only are the sensations much more intense, but they are accompanied by the feeling that a single dose of the medication will make the person feel normal and healthy again.

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The best way to reduce the severity of the Percocet withdrawal symptoms is by visiting a doctor and having them prescribe a regiment that will allow the addict to gradually reduce the number of pills they consume daily. Cutting back on the dosage sounds a great deal easier than it actually is but when the addict starts to reduce the amount of Percocet, they will become irritable, anxious and often depressed.

Eventually, the individual will have to enter a formal Percocet detox program. While cutting back on the amount of Percocet they were consuming daily will alleviate the withdrawal symptoms, it won’t make them go away altogether. During the detox, the person will still become ill. The staffs at the detox center are trained to monitor the addict's condition and make sure they get through the detoxification without endangering their health.

After leaving the detox the patient will still experience an intense craving for the drug which is why it is important that they enroll in a residential drug rehab program where they can get counseling for their addiction.

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