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Percocet Treatment Centers in Canada

Addictions to pain medications like Percocet are on the rise. As of right now, most rehabilitation facilities are treating addictions to prescription medication such as Percocet just like they do an addiction to any other substance. The person goes through a detoxification process and then enters into rehab where they get extensive counseling. The problem is that many experts are starting to think that there might be more to treating the addiction than just counseling. The reason behind this type of thinking has to do with the fact that many of the people who are becoming addicted to Percocet do not exhibit typical addict behavior. Some experts feel that the reason the person becomes addicted to the drug has to do partly with the ingredients that are used to manufacture the drug and partly because the person is suffering from a minor and undiagnosed case of depression.

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Right now, most of the experts are focusing on detox techniques. The hope is that if they can figure out the right way to get the person detoxified, they can reduce the chances of the person using the drug once they have been released. There are several different opinions on the best way to detoxify a person who has become addicted to Percocet. Most people favor medical detoxification. This is when the process is supervised by a doctor who gradually reduces the amount of Percocet that the person consumes. Since severe depression can result from this type of detox, it is important to make sure that the individual is closely monitored. There are many treatment facilities that offer detox from Percocet and other drugs as part of their services. Other people favor the traditional form of detox, which is simply to cut the person off of the drug altogether. This does get the drug out of the person’s system, but the withdrawal symptoms are very severe, sometimes severe enough to compromise severely the addict’s health.

Some experts have started to use Accelerated Neuro-Regulation to help treat Percocet addicts. When a person opts for this type of treatment, they are admitted into the hospital. When they start to enter withdrawal, they are administered general anesthesia which basically allows the person to ride out the process without any ill effects. When the person is removed from the anesthesia, there is a chance that they might have a few lingering symptoms, but nothing as severe as they would have otherwise experienced. This is not a good choice for everyone. It is only recommended if the addict is in fairly good health, is not pregnant, and does not have any known allergies to medications.

It is possible for people to get off Percocet, no matter how long they have been using. The solution is for the person to get through a good detox program and a lot of people also decide to check into a drug rehab program after they have gone through the withdrawal in order to address the reasons behind their addiction. When a person gets a prescription for Percocet as a pain medication, they obviously think about the fact that the drug is going to make them feel better. However, they do not usually take into account the addictive properties of the drug which the doctors are now starting to consider. In the past ten years, there has been an increase in the number of Percocet addiction. Doctors being aware of it, often try to determine if the person shows any signs of an addictive personality before they give such prescription. Some experts also feel that patients with mild depression are also prone to becoming addicted to Percocet.

It does not take very long for a person to become addicted to the drug. While the purpose of Percocet is to eliminate someone’s pain, one of the side effects is that it stimulates the reward center of the person’s brain. In addition to making the individual feel like they are being rewarded for something; the Percocet also induces a feeling of dreamlike euphoria. In the beginning, it can be difficult to assess if a person actually needs Percocet, or if they are becoming addicted. If the doctors are aware that some of their patients are claiming to be in pain for longer than they should be, they should change their prescription. On a long-run Percocet addiction includes long term drowsiness. Another indicator is the individual’s behavior which goes through an extreme personality change. The most common change is the person will become less social and will stop engaging in activities that they always enjoyed to be part of in the past. If the person is constantly changing their personal doctor, it can be another indication that they have developed Percocet addiction. The longer the person takes the Percocet the more they will want to trigger the euphoric state. Before it gets to that point, the person should go to a drug rehab center to be helped with their Percocet addiction.

There are several health problems and side effects that can be connected to someone's addiction to that drug. Long term abuse can actually cause the addict to slip into a coma. While most people do not fall into a coma, other problems can occur such as feelings of intense shame and isolation. Many Percocet addicts are not able to build lasting relationships and maintain steady employment. However, if they get cleaned up at a drug rehab center, they will be able to build up a new life, free from Percocet addiction and its side effects.

Percocet Detox And Withdrawal Symptoms

One of the reasons that someone taking Percocet has difficulty to stop taking the drug is due to the severe and immediate withdrawal symptoms. The addict can start experimenting the first symptoms of Percocet withdrawal within hours of taking their final dose of the pain medication. At first when the person hears about the common withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, blurred vision, cramps and muscle weakness, it is easy for them to assume that they can detox from the drug on their own. After all, most of the symptoms are no different than what the person would experience in the case of the stomach flu. However, it is not until the person actually starts to experience the first symptoms that they realize that Percocet addiction withdrawal is worse than any flu they have ever experienced. Not only are the sensations much more intense, but they are accompanied by the feeling that a single dose of the medication will make the person feel normal and healthy again.

The best way to reduce the severity of the Percocet withdrawal symptoms is by visiting a doctor and having them prescribe a regiment that will allow the addict to gradually reduce the number of pills they consume daily. Cutting back on the dosage sounds a great deal easier than it actually is but when the addict starts to reduce the amount of Percocet, they will become irritable, anxious and often depressed. Eventually, the individual will have to enter a formal Percocet detox program. While cutting back on the amount of Percocet they were consuming daily will alleviate the withdrawal symptoms, it won’t make them go away altogether. During the detox, the person will still become ill. The staffs at the detox center are trained to monitor the addict's condition and make sure they get through the detoxification without endangering their health. After leaving the detox the patient will still experience an intense craving for the drug which is why it is important that they enroll in a residential drug rehab program where they can get counseling for their addiction.

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