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What Is Peyote Cactus?

The peyote cactus is a small plant that grows in southwestern Texas and Mexico. Seemingly harmless when looked at, it instead has similar effects to LSD when used as a drug. The peyote cactus is a hallucinogenic drug that can cause tremors and paranoia of becoming insane, as well as physical problems and death.

As with other hallucinogenic drugs, it can cause you to think things that are not true and to do things you would not normally do. The peyote cactus, though looking harmless as it grows, is used as an intoxicating liquid that leads to a feeling of intense euphoria. With this feeling comes delusion and flashbacks, with a person losing his ability to function fully in his right mind.

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As far as plants go, however, the peyote cactus is not an attractive one. It is boring and harmless looking, with no leaves. Some cacti are beautiful and green and shaped wonderfully, but the peyote cactus is simply small and spineless, shaped somewhat like a globe and sort of “blah” looking. There is nothing whatsoever attractive about it, and since it does more harm than good, the only positive attributes associated with it are that in Mexico, it is used for medicinal purposes related to fever and blindness, and that Native American culture considers it to be a religious sacrament.

Use of the peyote cactus as a religious tool in tribes has long been the norm. However, it is questioned by some as spirituality should come from within not at the onset of a hallucinogenic drug. A holistic and natural way to deal with things is a much more peaceful and healthier way to go. If you seem to be at the crossroads of dealing with the after-effects of using the peyote cactus, let us help you by calling our helpline today.


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