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Alcohol Treatment Centers In Portage La Prairie, Manitoba

Portage La Prairie, the fourth-largest city in the province of Manitoba has only 12,000 citizens who call it home, but the low population number doesn’t mean that residents do not suffer from alcohol addictions.

In fact, the Addictions Federation of Manitoba, the AFM, has worked very hard to set up an alcohol addiction rehabilitation center in Portage la Prairie, which offers occupants the chance of a new life, free from addiction and alcohol abuse. This AFM funded rehab clinic, known by those who live in Portage la Prairie as the Heritage Home, is a modern-day hotel, but with the tools and resources, anyone would ever need to overcome an addiction to alcohol that has taken a firm, cold, and relentless grip on your life.

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Rehab: Not What You Think

Though the term “rehab clinic” usually brings unsightly images of unhappy hospital rooms with bars on the windows. Everyone knows, that the first step to admitting a problem is admitting that it exists, and the Heritage Home makes you feel more like you are at home, so you spend less time worrying about your comfort and have more energy to help combat your addiction. Run by state of the art doctors and specially trained addiction experts, you can rest assured that the staff has the knowledge and resources to help you back on your feet, if you are willing to confront your problem head-on and work hard toward recovery.

Apart from the Heritage Home, there are several other options of alcohol treatment programs in Manitoba for those seeking recovery from alcohol-related problems. The most common of these, being the Alcoholics Anonymous, or AA meetings that take place in two convenient locations in Portage la Prairie, which meet weekly either in the Portage Plains group or the Curtis Park group meeting areas. If living on campus at the Heritage Home is not the necessary step for you confronting your addiction, you can engage in family counseling to assist you in breaking the chains that bind you and your family to your addiction, individual therapy to assist you one on one with a trained professional in order to tailor a plan of attack that is suited directly to your needs and struggles, and even individual addiction treatments that work a little bit more in-depth than the therapy, in case there is a mental dependency on alcohol that therapy alone cannot help you break.

Recovering as a Community

Just because there are 12,000 people in Portage la Prairie, does not mean that the individual success of one member is any less important. The AFM and the Heritage Home staff, as well as all attenders of the free Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are all committed to breaking your alcoholic habits, and helping you back on your feet, so you can recover and live a normal life. If you live in Portage La Prairie, Manitoba and are in need of alcohol detox and rehab, contact us, and we will gladly help you.

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