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Drug Rehab Centres For Pregnant Women In Northwest Territories

When pregnant women become addicted to either drugs or alcohol it is a very serious situation for the woman and her child. If the proper type of drug and alcohol rehabilitation is not done the mother, and her child will be at risk. Within the Northwest Territories, there is not plenty of suitable resources available, but some of the drug treatment centers available within the territory may be capable of assisting expectant women addicted to drugs. Many pregnant women may think that when the drugs and or alcohol has been abused within the first trimester that the damage is already done; this is not always the case. Research has shown that if the expectant mother stops abusing the substances and begins to incorporate nutritional and effective prenatal care, much of the damage that may have been done can be reversed, and the infant can continue to develop healthily. Some women may also fear they may be judged harshly, or may face legal problems, and then, of course, the fear of living a sober life. If the drug and alcohol rehabilitation center is specifically set up for pregnant women, the patients should push all these fears aside and focus on becoming drug and alcohol-free.

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What are some of the unique needs of pregnant women in treatment?

Abusing drugs and alcohol during pregnancy will not only put the mother at risk, but it will also place the unborn child at risk. If the woman goes untreated for her addiction, there will be devastating long-term effects on the child when they are born. Some of the more dangerous problems that can occur when a mother abuse's drugs during pregnancy include stillbirth, infant mortality preterm birth, slowed fetal growth, and low birth weight. Alcohol abuse during pregnancy can potentially cause fetal alcohol syndrome and other alcohol disorders, and the detox process will be especially difficult for the woman if they are using large amounts of alcohol. The abuse of opiates will, of course, cause withdrawal symptoms, which can be dangerous for an expectant woman. These are some of the unique needs that must be handled during treatment, and drug rehab centers for pregnant women will have specific medical personnel working with the center, and the proper therapy and counseling during their rehabilitation.

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