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Drug Rehab Centres For Pregnant Women In Nova Scotia

Drug and alcohol rehabilitation within Nova Scotia is provided throughout the province, and this includes inpatient, outpatient, and detox facilities. Some of these different services operating throughout the province offer specific services to expectant women who are struggling with an addiction. The drug treatment process for a woman who is pregnant is unique and is done very carefully to ensure the safety for the mother and her child. Unfortunately, there are many barriers that prevent women from seeking out help, which have been the common issues that pregnant women have brought up when seeking out help. Initially, women can feel shame and guilt, and a fear of being judged, along with a fear of child welfare involvement or a fear of having the child removed when it is born. Other barriers that may prevent pregnant women from seeking help include being convinced they can change, or they may be living within a very dangerous environment with an abusive partner. It is also not uncommon for there to be waiting lists or treatment cannot be gotten right away, but more often than not private drug and alcohol treatment centers will typically accept pregnant women right away.

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Treatment and Care for Pregnant Women

It may not always be easy to access health and drug treatment, but prenatal support it very important and usually offered in every city and town, and this includes help for pregnant women who may be addicted to drugs or alcohol. If a woman who is using drugs is struggling to find support and cannot access this care, they will be more likely to potentially miscarriage or suffer problems during birth. It can also happen they would be likely to have their child removed from their care after birth because they have not sought out the right kind of help. Because of this, it is always in the best interest for the woman to find a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program that will meet all of their needs. It is important during the initial assessment process for women seeking care during their pregnancy that they speak to a professional who understands the barriers they are facing. It is these many barriers that prevent pregnant women from seeking out help. Once the barriers are understood, the proper form of detox and counseling can be provided.

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