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Drug Rehab Centres For Pregnant Women In Prince Edward Island

The drug and alcohol problems that people deal within the province of Prince Edward Island are no different than anywhere else throughout Canada. Some of the drug issues people face involve illicit street drugs, prescribed medications, and alcohol abuse. It is not uncommon for pregnant women to battle some of these problems during their pregnancy. Unfortunately, women who end up abusing drugs during pregnancy are much more likely to continue this drug use after the child is born. If this happens or their habitual drug use is discovered during their pregnancy, they will be at risk of losing their child once it is born. Alcohol abuse among expectant women is an issue that many faces, and there are sometimes irreversible damages that can be done if the mother does not stop drinking during pregnancy. There are many studies throughout Canada that show there are small percentages of pregnant women who end up abusing alcohol, which can lead to other drugs. There is a direct link between alcohol abuse and the abuse of other drugs, but if the alcohol abuse is treated ahead of time before it spirals out of control the addiction can be treated effectively.

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How expensive is addiction treatment for pregnant women?

The cost of drug and alcohol rehabilitation for women will depend upon the type of facility they are attending, and whether it is primarily private or government-funded. Pregnant women struggling with addiction usually require specialized care, and this is because not only are they rehabilitating themselves, but they must also look out for the safety of their child. Most private long-term drug rehab centers will start at $20,000 and will go up from there, where as short-term treatment can be less than $10,000 and subsidized programs will be significantly less money. Because of the specialized care, a patient may require the cost may be more, but this is all dependent on the treatment program. Many of the drug rehabilitation centers operating within the province can provide different methods to make a payment, for example, private centers will typically have payment plans they can offer, and there are low-cost or free programs available. Because financial restraints can be a barrier, it is important for the patient to work with individuals who can help them overcome this problem and find the best possible help for herself and unborn child.

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