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Prescription Drugs Detox And Treatment in Nunavut

Why are prescription drugs abused?

Prescription drugs are abused because of the drugs prescribed for pain, anxiety, sleeping problems, or mood disorders can become addictive. Many of these drugs cause physical and psychological dependencies, which are difficult to treat. Prescription-drug addiction in Nunavut will often occur through illegal prescription drugs such as opioids, benzodiazepines, and stimulants. Drug Rehab Services can help people in Nunavut who may be struggling with a prescription-drug addiction, become referred to a suitable drug rehab center. There are many risks associated with prescription drug abuse, and the problems typically begin with taking a higher dose, using them for different reasons, or mixing them with alcohol or street drugs. Prescription-drug abuse can happen among teens and adolescents and adults, whether it is from a prescription or through the illegal purchase of these drugs.

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To help prevent the abuse of prescription drugs, Nunavut has a prescription-drug return program, which allows un-used medications to be returned. It is important for people to either lock up these drugs or turn them in, especially with opioids. In 2016, there were well over 380 tons of unwanted medications that were safely destroyed in Canada because of these types of programs. Prescription-drug addiction can be treated in many ways. Anyone in Nunavut who has become dependent on a prescription drug can seek out help with a withdrawal management program, a medically supervised detox, or a hospital inpatient service. Prescription-drug addiction must be treated with inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation, which will help address the underlying issues connected to the addiction.

Prescription-drug addiction can become problems among youth in Nunavut, especially if they can access old un-used narcotics. Aboriginal youth in Nunavut once struggled with on-going problems of prescription drug abuse, and this led the territory to take a more coordinated approach to treat the problem. Drug Rehab Services referrals can help families and addicts in Nunavut locate a proper treatment program, detox, or counseling service to address a prescription drug abuse problem.

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