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Prescription Drugs Detox And Treatment For Halifax, Nova Scotia

Halifax is an up-and-coming community of around 300,000 residents. It is Nova Scotia’s capital and while it tends to be a popular tourist stop, there is still a growing dark side. Crime and drugs have infiltrated this city. Prescription drug abuse is quite prevalent here and working its way steadily up to number one. Halifax is right now struggling with the same drug explosion faced by just about all other cities across Canada. Halifax admittedly offers more services to the substance abuser than most eastern cities, even so, the sheer numbers of people needing those services borders on overwhelming. There are several drug rehab programs in Halifax.

Prescription drug abuse affects not just the individual but the family and friends of that individual. It has been said that no one is an addict alone. Prescription drug abuse can often lead not only to harder drug use but also criminal activity.

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One of the best places to receive treatment for prescription drug abuse in Halifax is the Crosbie House. They provide a level of care that is amongst the highest in the world; a 60% success rate two-year post-treatment with men over 16. Very few drug treatment facilities can make such a claim.

Crosbie house has three decades of experience helping men and women with addiction problems. Part of that success is their highly trained addiction counselors. All of these counselors are recovering addicts themselves; they know what you are going through they have been there too.

They offer a 28-day residential program for men and women. The length of this program exceeds all, but a few offered in Canada. This is a private based program, and they have no qualms about the upfront cost $7900 with no hidden costs. Many, but not all, insurance plans will cover the stay with them; it’s also not uncommon for an employer to pay at least some of the costs through their human resources program. If you need more information on prescription drugs detox and treatment facilities, contact us, and we will help you.