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Prescription Drugs Detox And Treatment For Toronto & The GTA, Ontario

Deaths from prescription drugs are increasingly on the rise in Toronto, Ontario. From 1991 to 2004, the deaths from prescription drugs have doubled and the problem is still on the rise. These deaths are only that of prescription opioids and do not reflect the other drug deaths caused by prescriptions. (Opioids are more commonly known as narcotic painkillers, such as morphine or Oxycontin). Opioids are surprisingly the most common medication prescribed in Canada.

Most of these deaths were caused by legal prescriptions (not obtained off the street) and most also visited the doctor within thirty days prior to their death. Doctors do know that opioids can be dangerous suppressing breathing, and also causing unconsciousness. However, most people taking the pills are not made enough aware of the dangers of possible overdose with taking more than prescribed. Most people make the deadly assumption that because it is a prescription drug, it is safe.

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Rehabilitation options in Toronto and the GTA, such as prescription drugs detox and treatment, come in a seemingly endless amount of options. A lot of prescription-drug addictions are more severe than the ones from street drugs, and detox off of prescriptions is often more painful. There are so many treatment options available because there are so many people with varying degrees of addiction, and of course, personalities play a huge part as well. There are facilities that specialize just in helping addicts and their families choose the right course of drug treatment for them. They also help with any red tape that frustrates most people.

Treatment for prescription-drug addiction is on the rise. In the year 2000 less than four percent of the addicts in treatment at a facility in Toronto were addicted to oxycodone, (the main addictive ingredient in Oxycontin). Only four years later, that percentage was fifty-five percent. There are some drug rehab centers in Toronto to help all of them.

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The information below will help you on how to find a detox center for prescription drugs addiction in Toronto, Ontario. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Detox Treatment in Toronto, Ontario