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Prevention & Education Programs In Canada

Drug prevention and education are one of the most important steps in helping youth and adults understand the dangers of drugs and addiction, and alcohol abuse.  Education programs are set up in so many different ways and operate all throughout Canada in every province, city and town through private organizations, provincially and locally funded organizations.  The purpose of drug education is to inform communities with current and up-to-date information about all the different types of drugs both illicit and legal, street and prescription.  There is so much information available about drug and alcohol addiction and the different types of drugs that it can be difficult to filter through all of it, and this is why education programs are so important to help spread the current information among communities within different cities across Canada.

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Drug prevention programs are designed to teach people how to stay away from drugs and how not to abuse alcohol.  These programs are especially important for youth so as they can make smart decisions when it comes to drugs and alcohol, and not get caught up in peer pressure and learn how to say no.  Teens face problems with drugs on sometimes a daily basis during their time as school and among friends, but drug prevention programs can give them valuable life skills and tools to say no and not get caught up in addiction.  Drug education and prevention are an essential tool in the battle against drug and alcohol addiction, and has proven very successful in helping people not become addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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