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Prevention Of Alcoholism

The prevention of alcoholism is of the utmost importance to any casual drinker. Just as maintaining a healthy body and mind, the lifestyle changes required to keep healthy and avoid excesses are not issues that can be addressed in a single day. An analogy would be to that of a nutritionist and an open-heart surgeon. Prevention of alcoholism is like acting as a nutritionist – we want to eat well and live well to avoid seeing that surgeon in his white gown one day.

There are a number of easy ways to prevent alcoholism from appearing in our lives and in others. These include approaches as simple as eating well, knowing your limit, and keeping a healthy spiritual life. Despite what many believe, alcohol is quite certainly an addictive substance that has physical effects on the body, and thus it should be approached with caution.

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Eating well is an issue many casual drinkers might not think much about, but is something that can mean the difference between life and death. When one drinks, consider what kind of calories, the body is taking into its system - nothing but poison (alcohol) and carbohydrates (barley in most cases). In the case of a healthy person, eating well means eating enough fruits and vegetables to maintain a balance within the human body. And from this simple fact comes the reason eating well can prevent alcoholism: when we eat well, we drink less.

When drinking casually, keep in mind that you should know your limit. All too often, alcoholism grows in stages and in degrees. Maybe tonight you will drink that one extra beer, and next week that one extra beer has already become your new “normal." It happens only too fast that the goalposts for what is “normal” get pushed so far back from their original positions that we lose ourselves in the alcohol. So to avoid this, know your limit and drink within it! In the case of uncontrolled drinking consumption, there are some really good alcohol treatment programs in Canada.

Another point to remember is that one’s spiritual life or inner life can play an important role in keeping us on the straight and narrow. All too often, people turn to alcohol to find comfort in times of sorrow or frustration. However, what is often overlooked is that these same people turn to alcohol because they don’t have a supporting inner system to help them deal with stressful situations. So while you are happy and strong and confident, spend the time to build an inner beauty and inner self who will help you through those tough times everyone is sure to meet within life.


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