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Drug Rehab Centers In Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

As being one of the biggest cities in Canada, Prince Albert has a lot to live up to. It's home to nearly thirty-five thousand people which is a big success. However, they are dealing with some issues before these issues get too out of hand. These are the issues of teen drug addiction in this area. What they have found to be a problem has troubled many parents as well as government officials.

How it Began

With a thriving community, one thing they find is that the bigger the location there is, the more children there are that have to fend for themselves. Parents have to put food on the table, but this area found that among other things, while the parents are away, the children started delving into things that later lead to such drug addictions.

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The Hard Facts

Studies have been done since 2006 when this became a big issue. What they have found is intriguing, yet, scary. They have found that three thousand six hundred teens have used marijuana for the first time. About three thousand more were using over the counter pain medication, and it wasn’t for pain that they were using it. This has scared many as many wonder what to do before this gets further out of hand.

New Twist to Recovery Programs

Many drug rehabilitation programs in Saskatchewan are faith-based. However, there are some drug rehab treatment programs that the government has started. These programs are to help those who were once addicted to find new outlets, to make new friends, and to start a new path of being clean. There have been some that have created choirs and such. Most of these faith-based programs have seen much improvement and many success stories. They have seen more than their fair share of teens who have completed the program and who have turned their life around. One church has even seen an eighty-three percent success rate, which is pretty high up there.

Raising Awareness

Many find that they can do many things to help the cause by raising awareness of the issues that are at hand. The more people know about the problems that are out there; the more people will want to help. This help is needed to staff the centers that offer such therapy to teens that are addicted. It takes hard work and patience to work with these teens. Many have many tales to tell and just need someone to listen to them.

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List of Drug & Alcohol Treatment Services in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan

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