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Drug & Alcohol Rehab Centers For Addiction With Twelve Steps Programs In Prince Edward Island

Throughout the province of Prince Edward Island are many different drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers and programs. Some of these do include twelve-step facilities for inpatient and or outpatient treatment options. Other services within the province include locations where twelve-step meetings are held. The twelve-step meeting options throughout the province include:

Alcoholics Anonymous – support groups for alcoholics, and one of the original twelve-step treatment processes developed.

Adult Children of Alcoholics – a support group offered to the children of alcoholics, and helping children who grew up within the home of an alcoholic.

Narcotics Anonymous meetings – twelve-step meetings for people addicted to different narcotics.

Naranon Groups – these are typically family support groups for family members who are affected by a person's addiction.

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The various treatment services provided throughout the province can help addicts of all ages and backgrounds, regardless of the type of addiction and how severe it may be. One of the growing drug problems within the country includes prescription and non-prescription opiates. These are drugs that are used to treat chronic pain, but they are physically addictive, and are sold illegally within most of the major cities throughout Canada. There is a small percentage of the countries' population that is addicted to these drugs, and this does include people of all age groups.

What length of time is required for drug treatment?

The length of time for each patient will be different for each client, but based on the severity of the addiction, current health problems, and current drug situation an addict will require a different treatment length. Residential drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers will offer various treatment lengths, which include long-term or short-term twelve-step programs. The long-term options include three months or more of rehabilitation, where as the short-term facilities will operate as a two week or a 28-day program. Some of the twelve-step outpatient centers are typically short-term treatment options, but there are also long-term outpatient facilities for addicts.

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