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Marijuana Detox And Treatment In Prince Edward Island

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana comes from the dried leaves, stems, seeds, and flowering parts of the cannabis plant, and is used in Prince Edward Island as a recreational and medical drug. Marijuana is now legal in Canada, and this means that the drug is accessible to anyone who is of legal age in the province. The primary chemical in marijuana that does make it appealing for recreational use is THC Definition of the word THC or psychoactive Definition of the word psychoactive substance found in the cannabis plant. In pure form, it is a glassy solid when cold and becomes viscous and sticky if warmed.} Tetrahydrocannabinol Definition of the word{/tip} Tetrahydrocannabinol , which is a psychoactive compound and acts on the cannabinoid Definition of the word cannabinoid receptors in the brain. The effects of marijuana are often different for everyone, but commonly the user will feel a relaxed state with some euphoria. However, marijuana does cause changes in a person’s sensory perception, which can mean it will enhance or amplify emotions. It is very common to see someone using marijuana to feel happiness and giddiness with uncontrolled laughing. In other circumstances, the THC in marijuana can cause severe anxiety, paranoia, depression, and in rare cases suicidal tendencies. Much of the mental health problems that stem from marijuana use will occur when an adolescent begins to use the drug, because of how under-developed the brain is. In many other circumstances, mental-health problems with marijuana come about when someone is using the drug along with prescription medications or even alcohol and other street drugs. Like any other type of drug, marijuana should not be mixed with other drugs, as it can amplify the effects of the THC. The THC in marijuana can also cause an addiction to happen, and with the long-term frequent use of marijuana, the user will develop a dependency on the drug. Anyone struggling with an addiction to marijuana in Prince Edward Island should reach out to local drug treatment programs and services for help.

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The Dangers of Marijuana while Driving and Adolescent Use

The effects of the THC in marijuana will impair a person's motor skills and coordination, which is why it is illegal to use marijuana while operating a vehicle in Prince Edward Island. The part of the brain that controls balance and coordination is directly impacted by marijuana, which will impair someone’s judgment and ability to respond to certain situations. Driving under the influence is illegal, and with the recent legalization of marijuana, law enforcement in Prince Edward Island will be cracking down on impaired driving, and this is part of the current legislation in the province to keep the roads and its travelers safe. Marijuana use during the adolescent period of life is extremely dangerous, because of the impact, it will have on the still yet fully developed brain. Marijuana can impede learning skills and carries the risk of creating potential mental-health problems. Because adolescents are going through too much in life and experiencing new things, marijuana can be presented as a solution to solve physical or emotional problems. Many addictions to marijuana can begin this way, with an adolescent being introduced to the drug as a solution to a problem they may be facing. It is important for parents in Prince Edward Island to speak to their children about marijuana use and how it can impact them now that it is legal.

Marijuana use in Prince Edward Island

Throughout the province of Prince Edward Island, roughly 19 percent of the population has reported using marijuana. With the recent legalization of the drug, guardians, and any adult in a role to influence young people to need to know how to speak to children and teens about marijuana. The main goal for drug education in the province is to avoid and reduce the risks; parents should be prepared to answer questions and provide real-time information, and they access this through the province, and Drug-Free Kids Canada.

The information below will help you on how to find a cannabis outpatient treatment in Prince Edward Island. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Prince Edward Island Cannabis Outpatient Rehabs


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