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Private Drug Rehab Services in Canada

Private drug rehabs are treatment options where you or your insurance will pay to get admitted to it. There are a few private treatments in Canada mostly in B.C, Alberta, Ontario and Quebec.

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Private drug rehabilitation facilities will vary from 1-month treatments up to 3 and even 6 months treatment. You always have to look at the duration of the program. Some facilities will tailor-made a program depending on the financial situation. We always have a reservation with that type of programs as to where the result is. Is it for one month? Is it 3 months? You cannot "make" a program with someone's finance. You need to give the person what they need not what they can pay. The second option of private drug treatment is a pre-set program that has a specific duration and will address the degree of addiction severity. It will mainly depend on his duration. The more severe is the addiction. The longer the program will be.

How do we determine what the best duration of a program should be? There are different factors that will influence the length of treatment and also the type of treatment program someone should do:

  • The type of substance used.
  • The number of years the individual has been addicted.
  • How intensive he is using the drug?
  • Is he mixing different drugs together?
  • Does he take medications with his substance of abuse?
  • How old is the person?
  • Did he get in trouble legally?
  • How unethical the individual has become?

These a few factors that will determine the type of treatment and the length of what the treatment should be. Over the years we had some mother that would call us and asked what their sons or daughters would need as far as treatment. They would then ask us "how much it was to keep them for 2 years? “ It does not work that way. It does not also take that long. Usually, the maximum is around 6 months.

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