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Alcohol Addiction and Treatment Services in Quebec

In Quebec, alcohol is highly present and brings about very dire situations across the province. One of the phenomena that are very alarming in Quebec is heavy drinking. It’s estimated that over one-third of the entire population of Quebec engages in heavy drinking, or what we call binge Definition of the word binge drinking. Heavy drinking puts one at high risk of getting addicted. Binge drinking, besides leading to addiction, is also very dangerous. It is very dangerous to one’s health and it often leads to injuries. There are also very dangerous to others. Drinking this much alcohol impairs one judgment, and so the person can do dangerous things such as driving while intoxicated. This phenomenon happens often enough; statistics show that a third of all car crashes have alcohol as the major factor.

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Alcohol Recovery In Quebec

Quebec has a major problem when it comes to alcohol abuse. And that is drunk driving. To illustrate this epidemic, statistics were published. In 2003, there were a little over 690 people who were killed on the roads of Quebec. Out of these, there were 643 that were linked to alcohol in one way or another. This is over 90 percent of all deaths on the roads. It was also found that 213 of these deaths were actually caused by alcohol abuse. This is a third of all road fatalities caused by alcohol abuse in Quebec. All this could be avoided if the people got treatment to overcome their addiction and get to the alcohol recovery state. There are numerous centers dedicated to alcohol treatment in Quebec. There are many types of treatment and so one can find the type that suits them best and attend that one. If a person wishes to get treatment outside of the province, one can be found no matter in which province. We can help you find the right treatment for you or a loved one.

Alcohol Detoxification Centers In Quebec

The more dependent a person is on alcohol, the worse their alcohol detoxification process is going to be. That is why it is so important that they are very sure that they let the staff who works at Quebec's detoxification programs know just how bad their drinking problem is. When the staff is well-educated about the addict's habits, they will be better prepared for how the person is going to act to the withdrawal. Any alcoholic is going to experience some withdrawal symptoms, the severity of the symptoms and how long the individual experiences them is what will change from one person to the next.

Addicts who are heavy drinkers are going to experience even more severe withdrawal symptoms. It is not at all unusual for the heavy drinkers, the ones who aren't quite binge drinkers, to experience hallucinations at some point during the withdrawal. Although some of the hallucinations involve visual images, some addicts complain about smells that only they can detect, and some addicts experience phantom sounds. These hallucinations can lead to erratic behavior and anxiety, and if they become too bad, the addict might have to be sedated for their own safety. The really worrisome addicts are the ones who are binge drinkers and have gone through withdrawal before. It is not unheard of for these particular alcohol addicts to develop a condition that is called kindling. Kindling is something that occurs when the patient starts to have convulsions and severe spasms while they are detoxing. Once the addict has developed kindling, they become more prone to the condition each time they go into withdrawal. All addicts who are admitted into one of Quebec's detoxification programs are going to be closely monitored by the staff. As soon as the staff feels that their condition has become dangerous, they will have the alcohol addict transferred to a hospital.

Alcohol Residential Treatment In Quebec

One of the things that really bothers addiction experts about the government-run alcohol rehabilitation programs is the brevity of the programs. They feel that if the program is truly going to be effective, it has to last longer than twenty-eight days, which is the standard length of time for Quebec’s government programs. The experts do have a point. The counselors who are working in Quebec’s short term rehab programs are struggling to keep everything on schedule. They have been assigned with the task or educating every single addict who walks through the door, and they have to accomplish this in twenty-eight days. This does not give the counselor enough time to customize an alcohol rehab treatment that will suit the individual addict.

The longer-term programs mean that the counseling can be more leisurely, that the counselor and addict can really get to know one another and come up with a counseling plan that perfectly suits the addict’s personality. The other advantage is that the longer an addict is in a rehab program the more dried out they are going to be. Addicts who are admitted into a long term, private programs are introduced to all sorts of workshops and games, which are designed to teach them to face their fear and also help them develop some life skills that they are eventually going to need. A high number of addicts who go through a long-term program usually continue to stay sober after they have been released. The reason that the government is hesitant to extend the length of the government-run programs is that some addicts cannot leave their families behind for more than a month at a time. Plus, every year there are lots of success stories about people who have gone through a short term program and being able to stay away from alcohol for years and years.

There are many people in Quebec who have trouble getting over their alcohol addiction on their own. That is why there are many facilities and groups that are dedicated to helping alcoholics. One has to find the right alcohol addiction treatment in order to get well. Some types of alcohol addiction treatments may suit better the person than others. You can find out by asking us.

The information below will help you to find alcohol Treatments in Quebec. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Treatments for Alcohol Addiction in Quebec


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