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Detox Centers For Drugs And Alcohol In Quebec

Conventional or traditional drug and alcohol detox programs within the province of Quebec are part of either inpatient or outpatient rehab centers. This type of detox allows the patient to stabilize themselves physically and mentally prior to any type of counseling or therapy. An addict cannot jump right into rehab without being drug-free or having gone through a detox; the benefits of counseling and therapy will be wasted if the person is still under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a drug and alcohol treatment program do not have in-house detox, they may require the client to be drug-free for a certain amount of days before they can enter into treatment. This is done for a couple of different reasons, one to make sure the person is committed to getting better, and secondly to ensure they are not under the influence of drugs or alcohol before they start therapy.

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In Quebec, there are approximately 27 detoxification centers where people who are addicted to illegal or prescription drugs can go to purge their bodies of the drug residue that has accumulated in their fatty cells and brain tissue after years of use. The idea behind the detoxification process is that after purging their bodies of the drug residue the addict will not have any strong cravings and will be able to focus on getting the treatment they need in order to lead a sober life.

Detox is an available resource throughout the province of Quebec, and many distinctive methods are on hand within the province. Addicts can access medical detox centers and traditional detox facilities to help a person withdrawal from any type of drug or substance abuse problem. Medical detox will help people addicted to opiates, prescription-drugs, and or large quantities of alcohol. A traditional detox center will typically help treat most cases of addiction, and ensure a patient can easily transition into a drug and alcohol treatment center.

Most people experience severe physical symptoms to the withdrawal of the drugs. Common side effects include vomiting, severe headaches, cramps, chills, and hot flashes. Often these side effects are extremely severe, which is why it is never recommended that a person tries to go through the detoxification process on their own.

If you or someone close to you is in need of a detox program in Quebec you will find that the majority are government-funded. There are a few private detox treatment programs available for Quebec residents. A detox program is basically a period of time, usually anywhere between seven to ten days and can be longer, where the person abusing some drug or alcohol is no longer doing so. This is sometimes considered a drying out period or what is also known as withdrawal.

In some cases, if the condition is severe and life-threatening it may be necessary to do a medical detox.


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