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Long-Term Inpatient Drug Rehabs in Quebec

Last updated on: Monday, 25 September 2023

The process of finding a long-term drug rehab in Quebec should not be a challenging task. These rehabs are suited for people with a long-term addiction or if their addiction has gotten out of control. It will give them enough time to address their issues to get their life in control. Below, we have suggested some long-term drug rehab in Quebec. They can be private or government funded. This listing also gives access to facilities with accreditations and licensures, such as Accreditation Canada.


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List of Long-Term Inpatient Drug Rehabs

The information below will help you on how to find a long-term residential drug rehab in Quebec. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

    Reviewed: 19 September 2023

    Centre Walgwan is a substance use treatment center. After examining the website, we found that the program helps Indigenous youth aged 12 to 17. The therapeutic program lasts 14 weeks or longer and is structured into four phases. In addition, there is a four-week prevention program. An admission form is found online.

    Rehab Settings

    - Assessment
    - Inpatient Rehabilitation
    - Residential Long-Term
    - Substance Abuse Treatment

    Services Offered

    - Aftercare
    - Holistic Services
    - Substance Abuse Counselling
    - Substance Abuse Counselling For Families

    People Served

    - Adolescents
    - Family Programs
    - Family Support

    Trust Factors

    - Accreditation Canada
    - Official Canadian Substance Use Treatment Centres for First Nations and Inuit

    Medical Staff: Lisa Arsenault, Psychologist

    75 School Street, Maria, QC
    (418) 759-3006

    Reviewed: 19 September 2023

    Mawiomi Treatment Services is a substance use treatment center working with Indigenous Peoples. After reviewing the website, we found that it is a seven-bed residential treatment center. It is a six-week structured treatment program using cultural approaches and healing treatments.

    Rehab Settings

    - Assessment
    - Inpatient Rehabilitation
    - Outpatient
    - Residential Long-Term
    - Substance Abuse Treatment

    People Served

    - Adults
    - First Nation

    Trust Factors

    - Official Canadian Substance Use Treatment Centres for First Nations and Inuit

    85 School Street, Gesgapegiag, QC
    (418) 759-3522

Information on Drug Rehab

Ask a Professional

  • What is long-term drug rehab?

    Long-term drug rehab is generally a residential drug rehab program that houses clients for a period of three to six months or longer. These facilities provide numerous amenities for each client because they are living onsite for an extended duration of time.

  • Are long-term drug rehab programs better than short-term programs?

    Yes, long-term programs are better than shorter drug rehab options. This is especially important for anyone who has a long history of drug abuse and chronic relapse. Long-term drug rehab programs offer more therapy methodologies, counseling, and aftercare support. There is a significant benefit to being away from a destructive environment for a longer time.

  • What does long-term drug rehab cost?

    The cost of long-term drug rehab varies as there are private and public long-term treatment centers in Canada. Private long-term drug rehab can cost between $15,000 and $30,000. Public long-term drug rehab is generally covered by provincial healthcare.

  • Should I consider long-term treatment if I have never been to drug rehab?

    Ideally, long-term drug rehab is the better option. However, it depends on the severity of your addiction. For example, a recreational drug user with no previous history of addiction may not need long-term drug rehab. In contrast, someone with a long history of addiction who has never been to rehab would benefit from long-term drug rehab.

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    The questions from DrugRehab.ca’s “Ask a Professional” are answered by Nickolaus Hayes. If you need further clarification on any of the questions above or have any other questions you can contact him directly at N.hayes@drugrehab.ca.




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