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Methadone Detox And Treatment In Quebec

Throughout the province of Quebec, there are numerous methadone clinics available, along with many different forms of detox centers, which include methadone detox programs and facilities. Heroin is still a popular drug within such cities as Montreal, and many addicts will turn to a methadone clinic to solve their addiction issues. This is not always the best solution, as for a long term fix Definition of the word fix , it will not necessarily work. Methadone is a temporary cure to the actual problem and can be viewed as substituting one drug for another drug, but so many people turn to this as a fix. Many individuals have seen success in getting off of opiates using methadone, but in so many circumstances, the attempts to stop using methadone can be quite difficult to overcome. Methadone detox programs in the province of Quebec help individuals on a daily basis withdrawal safely off of methadone. After this is complete, these services will also help these individuals enter into a drug and alcohol treatment program to address the addiction and underlying issues.

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Throughout the province, there are numerous options to choose from for detox facilities and drug treatment centers. Many addicts, when addicted to opiates, will try many different approaches to stop using their drug of choice, and this includes going to methadone clinics and applying for the program. Methadone treatment will typically cost about ten dollars per day for the user, but it should not be looked at as a long-term solution to the problem. There is a general mentality attached to it as being a person is finally off of heroin or pain medication and can get his or her life under control now, because of methadone. This is true to an extent, but now comes the battle of choosing to be on another drug for an extended period of time or the rest of a person's life. Methadone treatment is not necessarily designed for extensive long-term use, as it is still a narcotic drug that causes physical dependency and severe withdrawals.

When searching treatment options it is best to seek out a methadone detox program in order to get completely clean off of all drugs. Some drug treatment programs will admit patients who are still taking methadone, but a person must ask if this is viable to long-term recovery and sobriety. The other question that must be asked, does a person want to continue to rely on other drugs to maintain their sobriety, and what long-term effects on a person's personal health will these drugs have. Methadone detox programs are the first step into a successful recovery and will allow an addict to enter a drug treatment program to get clean off of all drugs and alcohol.

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