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Outpatient Drug Rehabilitation Programs In Quebec

In Quebec, there is an estimated 220,000 people who need help overcoming drug addiction. Most of them are addicted to more than one kind of drug, and many of them have already been through at least one of Quebec's 181 drug rehabilitation programs. Approximately 95 of Quebec's rehabilitation centers are outpatient facilities that cater to both drug and alcohol addictions

The outpatient drug and alcohol programs throughout the province of Quebec include just over 15 different services for men, women, teens, and their families. It is common for people to believe that outpatient drug rehab may not be successful and that the patient is not living in the center so what is stopping them from using drugs again. Granted there is more pressure involved when a patient returns home for the evening, but every outpatient rehab program in Quebec will conduct random drug and alcohol screening. In the long run, abusing drugs or alcohol while attending therapy is only harming the addict and no one else, despite it being difficult to take responsibility for certain things, drug rehab is there to better a person and help them regain control over their lives. The outpatient treatment process can last for short periods of time or long-term options are available, but the patient will attend therapy daily and work through a set program regiment for the length of time required.

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One of the things that are slowly starting to change is the way that drug addiction is treated. For the most part, all of Quebec's outpatient drug treatment programs were based on the twelve-step program. The basic idea was that the addiction could not be cured, that it could only be treated. When the addict left treatment they were supposed to understand that they would never be a recovered addict, that the best they could hope for was to be a recovering addict. The counselors at the drug treatment facilities always made it very clear that the addict was going to have to struggle every single day with their addiction. That is why counseling is usually available. It also helps the addict understand why he started using in the first place and how not to get back into the habit.

Outpatient or intensive outpatient therapy is one of the more popular forms of rehabilitation found within the province. The main reason for this is the accessibility of services and the availability for each client to attend daily therapy, without having to live in the center. Throughout the province of Quebec are 17 different outpatient drug and alcohol rehab centers, which also include private and government-funded options.

Today, some of the outpatient drug treatment facilities are taking a different approach. These programs are trying to use a more holistic approach to treating drug addiction. When an addict enters one of these programs, the counselors have several goals. The first goal is to help the addict purge their body of the toxins that years of drug abuse have left behind. The other goal is to treat and cure the mental illness that caused the person to become addicted to drugs in the first place.

Drug addicts in Quebec who are interested in using a holistic approach to overcome their dependency on drugs should plan on attending a privately funded outpatient drug rehabilitation program. Right now the results of the holistic approach aren't confirmed enough for the government to want to spend the extra money adding holistic approaches to their drug rehab programs.

Holistic approaches to drug rehab are set up in phases. During the first phase, the addict is placed in a sauna and the toxins are literally sweated out of their body. The hope is that with the reduction of the toxins, the person's body will learn to function without even the smallest trace of drug. During the second phase of the healing, the counselors at these holistic rehabs (which are called biophysical treatment) are taught skills that they need to deal with life's up and downs without using drugs as a sompine method. The final phase of the process is always customized to the individual addict. During this phase of the rehabilitation, the addict works on developing the skill that they need if they are going to successfully live a drug-free life.

Drug addicts should not enter into holistic drug rehabilitation with the idea that their drug problem will be instantly cured. While the holistic approach does work for some people, other addicts respond best to the twelve-step approach that is more readily available. Neither program is going to work if the addict is not ready to admit that they are addicted to drugs and that they need help. The more receptive the addict is to treatment, the more likely they are to overcome their drug addiction.

The information below will help you on how to find an outpatient drug rehab in Quebec. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Outpatient Treatment in Quebec


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