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What Are Raves?

Most of us have heard of raves. They are parties that last all night. Unfortunately, they are not the “prom." They are “excuses” to distribute drugs and get young people into the addiction's vicious cycle, so they have a clientele base. Raves are so common and popular in some areas that federal agents literally do a sweep and arrest everyone whether they have drugs in their system or not because they are known to be drug parties.

Although raves became popular in the 80s with disco music, the truth is that while there are definitely music and fast-paced lighting, they are little more than drug dens. While adults may foolishly attend and do what they choose, the danger really lies in the attraction raves have for teenagers.

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Teenagers are not dumb. They know that a rave Definition of the word rave means drugs. However, the desire to attend one because it would be “cool” has led many teenagers to make bad choices on those nights. There are plenty of young people around who will confess that their drug addiction began because they went to a rave.

Even if the teenager refuses to partake of the drug part of the rave, there is a great possibility that someone will slip something into the teenager's drink. Date rape drugs are common at raves. A young person's life can be forever altered after attending a rave; if he or she was not on drugs before, there is a great possibility it will change after that night. They often end up with a drug addiction. Raves just really are not worth taking such a chance.

Nightclubs are places for people to go and have fun, dance, drink a couple of beers and just have a good time. They are monitored, and some even have security guards around. Raves, however, are a free for all and there are no rules. Because of this, they are quite dangerous. You risk drug addiction, rape and worse if you go to a rave. Is it really worth it? No.

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