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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Regina's Drug Treatment Court, Drug Rehab Outpatient

For the most part, the Canadian government has taken a fairly lax approach on the subject of drugs. Regina has not followed this trend. The city of Regina is one exception. The region is one of just six of the cities in Canada that is participating in a program that is called Drug Treatment Court. Programs like the drug treatment court mean that there is a greater demand for outpatient drug programs.

When the drug treatment court was set up, the creators understood that people who are addicted to drugs don't really have a choice in the matter. Drug addiction is a type of mental condition. The problem is that the person with the addiction is usually the last person to realize that they have a problem; in fact, they are normally adamant that they don't have an addiction. The fact that the person denies being addicted to drugs makes it very difficult to convince the person to get involved in one of Regina's outpatient treatment programs.

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The outpatient drug and alcohol treatment services throughout the city of Regina are only a few, and again many addicts face the same dilemma of having to be put on waiting lists, but the wait times tend to be shorter for outpatient programs. Because a client is not living in the center, schedules are much more flexible and outpatient programs can tend to accommodate more patients and their families than an inpatient program. People of all ages living within Regina can access outpatient counseling and therapy, regardless if it is for addiction or substance abuse.

The problem is that most people who are addicted to drugs are already suffering from some questionable judgment. On top of that they have an addiction that is quite expensive, as a result many addictions lead to the person committing crimes. When the person gets busted for the crime, they can try to become involved with the Drug Treatment Court. In the addict's case, the program is kind of a second chance. If the court determines that the person caused the crime as a result of their addiction to drugs, the court will help them get the treatment that they need to overcome their addiction. The drug Treatment Court is meant to be more of a therapy program than a disciplinary program.

Not every addict is automatically eligible to take part in Drug Treatment Court. There are some crimes such as sexual assault, domestic violence, and drug trafficking that are strictly a court deal. Anyone accused of these crimes cannot participate in Drug Treatment Court.

One of the conditions of Drug Treatment Court is that the addict must plead guilty to the crime. If the court determines that the person would not have committed the crime if they weren't dependent on drugs. When the person is accepted into the program, they will be forced to go through a combination of drug treatment programs that include random drug testing (for a full year after the crime the person can be tested for drugs at any moment), counseling, and treatment.

Due to the Drug Treatment Court, there is a higher demand than ever before for outpatient drug facilities in Regina. While they are involved in the outpatient program, the addict will go through intensive counseling to determine why and how they became addicted to drugs in the first place, how much better their life will be if they can beat their addiction, the outpatient program will also provide the addict with a support unit.

The outpatient drug rehab programs in Regina are set up to help addicts with transitioning to clean living, youth services, aftercare, and even relapse counseling.

Resources: http://www.canadiandrugrehab.ca/regina_drug_rehab.html