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Tuesday, 30 October 2018

Regina, SK And The Drug Residential Rehabilitation Programs

There are five main residential drug rehabilitation programs in Regina, Saskatchewan and there are more in nearby cities. A lot of the residential rehab programs in this area are aimed at youth because they are more at risk. They are the ones really struggling with drug addictions and easier to reach as well. Some of the drug residential rehab programs are more for detoxification purposes only. That is why you will find that while they have quite a few beds, there are those that only have a few beds for those who are staying more than the recommended ten to fourteen days.

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Residential drug and alcohol rehab options for the city of Regina are very limited with only some centers capable of housing and keeping addicts for certain durations of time. The biggest obstacle that many addicts face who are looking for inpatient treatment is the shortage of beds and the waiting lists. It is not un-common for many addicts once they complete a detox program to be waiting for weeks or notwithstanding months to get into an inpatient drug rehab center within Regina. Unfortunately, the amount programs available depend upon the demand needed and the provincial or even federal funding that is ready for use.

Each one is equipped with counselors on staff to help the drug addicts to understand that there are other ways to deal with their problems besides doing drugs. There are some that have been doing drugs for so long and are so addicted that they don’t remember what life was like before the drugs. There are those who also ask the family to join in the counseling. The reason for this is that they are going to need all the people that they can get to help them through this. That’s the hard part. There are a number of therapies that they do. Each program is different and is catered to help the person who is overcoming the addiction. The thing that many have to remember is that these beds fill up fast due to how many people are in need. Furthermore, there are some that are for men or women only. Be aware of these things.

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