Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings in Saskatchewan

AA meetings are excellent aftercare support options for people in recovery. The listing is detailed to help you or your loved one find an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Saskatchewan. Always confirm the time and location to make sure it is still available.



List of AA Meetings in Saskatchewan

The information below will help you on how to find an AA meeting in Saskatchewan. Since meetings change regularly, the list may be inaccurate. If you need more information on a specific meeting, please visit the website provided with that meeting.

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In Canada, alcohol abuse is a much larger problem than the use of illegal drugs. Saskatchewan is no different. The reason for the high number of alcohol addictions in Saskatchewan is mostly because alcohol is legal. Since it is legal people don’t have to worry about getting caught drinking. The problem is that many of them don’t know when they have had too much to drink. Over drinking on a regular basis is the first sign of an addiction. The good news is that there are programs which will help the person overcome their addiction and enjoy a future that is free of alcohol.

It is unusual for anyone in Saskatchewan to overcome an addiction to alcohol without having dealt with Alcoholics Anonymous. For most people, AA is an organization that they rely on heavily and couldn’t imagine life without. Saskatchewan has several AA chapters. In more rural areas, AA is the only form of alcohol addiction treatment that is readily available.

One of the reasons that Alcoholics Anonymous works so well is because it provides Saskatchewan’s alcoholics with an environment that feels safe. When a person feels safe, they are more likely to open up about their problems.

In addition to providing people with a safe environment, the alcoholics are more prone to opening up about the demons that they are facing because all of the other members of AA are also recovering addicts. They have been in the exact same position, and know exactly what kinds of demons you are trying to deal with.

The key to Alcoholics Anonymous success is support. A member never has to go through life on their own. When a person joins AA they are assigned to a sponsor. This sponsor is a person who has been a member for a long period of time and who has managed to maintain a firm grip on their own sobriety. Whenever the new member of AA feels the urge to reach for a drink, all they have to do is call their sponsor who will convince them that drinking is the worst possible thing that they could do. Often sponsorships develop into lifelong friendships.

Anyone in Saskatchewan who feels that they are in need of help dealing with their alcohol addiction is welcome to join Alcoholics Anonymous. Finding a meeting isn’t hard. The only thing that you have to do is visit the organization’s website and you will be provided with a list of all the official meetings in your hometown. The information usually includes the meeting place and time. Most of the meetings are open to everyone.

The number of meetings you attend is completely up to you. Depending on the area where you live, it might be possible to attend one or more meetings every single day. When a person is first starting to recover from their alcohol addiction they usually attend lots of AA meetings. The number of meetings the individual attends usually starts to taper off after the individual has started to feel like they are in control of their addiction.


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