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Alcohol Addiction and Treatment Services in Saskatchewan

There is a big problem in Saskatchewan with alcohol. There are two major facets of this problem, one is alcoholism and the other is drunk driving. First, alcoholism is a problem that has hit Saskatchewan and never ceases to grow. The major problem is that it often starts when one is very young. For example, a quarter of the students in Saskatchewan say that drink alcohol frequently. This is how most alcoholic start, they drink alcohol often and get used to the feeling alcohol brings them, and soon they feel that they cannot function without it. This is bad as teenagers often won’t see their drinking as a problem, and so won’t get the help they need and continue struggling with alcoholism during their adult life. Another big problem, as mentioned above is drunk driving. The majority of road accidents are linked to alcohol one way or the other. As a matter of fact, a staggering ninety-six percent of all road accidents are related to alcohol. And almost half of all car accidents had alcohol as their major primary cause. This is insane and shows that alcohol abuse and alcohol addiction is a thing that affects all of Saskatchewan.

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Alcohol Recovery In Saskatchewan

Alcohol abuse and addiction can be found all over Saskatchewan. Students are drinking alcohol at parties, and some of them are actually becoming addicted. For example, there is three percent of the students in Saskatchewan that admitted to drinking alcohol four to six times a week. This is almost a daily consumption of alcohol. This is alcoholism at its fullest. These teenagers will need to attend an alcohol treatment program in order to overcome this need for alcohol. It is imperative that they do because if they don't they will go through their adult life with this problem.

One of the really big problems connected to alcoholism is drunk driving. It's no secret that drunk driving is very problematic for entire populations. Many in Saskatchewan have lost their lives for no reason because of a drunk driver. It has been reported that over 95 percent of the deaths that have happened on the roads of Saskatchewan were linked to alcohol. And almost of the fatalities were caused by alcohol consumption. This is why we all need to play our part in getting those who are addicted to alcohol in Saskatchewan into a treatment.

Alcohol Detoxification In Saskatchewan

In Saskatchewan, there are long spans of nothingness in-between areas of civilization. These spaces are usually the homes of the province's farmers and hermits, and people who prefer to keep to themselves. While these spans of space make it very nice for individuals who prefer a solitary existence, they make it incredibly difficult for anyone who is struggling with an addiction to alcohol to get the help they need. The alcohol detox programs are few and far between. Not only the detox programs difficult for many of the addicts who need help to get to, but they also fill up quickly and have lengthy waiting lists. Most Saskatchewan's will find that their best option is going to be to get admitted into an alcohol private treatment program. These programs do not usually have the extensive waiting lists that the government-funded programs do and are connected directly to an alcoholism rehab center.

Alcohol Residential Treatment In Saskatchewan

The downside to living in Saskatchewan is that the alcohol rehabilitation programs are few and far between. Most people find that they have to travel a long way to get to one. Another problem, especially with the government-funded programs, is that there always seems to be a fairly substantial waiting list. The headache can sometimes make an addict wonder if they really need to get into treatment. The answer to that is yes if you even suspect that you could possibly be becoming addicted to alcohol, you need to get yourself admitted into a treatment program, ASAP. If you are having a difficult time getting into one of the government programs, then you should consider a private rehab program and see if your health insurance will cover the expense.

Once you have been admitted, you should be prepared for a barrage of questions. These questions are important; your answers will influence whether you are able to become a recovering alcoholic at the end of the program, or if you go back to drinking. You need to think about your answers and make sure that you are being completely honest with both yourself and the counselor. The questions that you are going to be asked are going to be very personal, your counselor is going to want to know about your relationships, your childhood, your employment history, and the history of your drinking. It would not hurt for you to have a pad of paper so you can write everything down. By recording everything you can review it later. Once the counselor has put together your life history they will start to reconstruct so that you can see how alcoholism has been a role in your life. Later, the counselor will use the same information to help you identify triggers and things you can do after you have been released and have to deal with temptation on your own. The length of time you spend at the rehab program will depend on what type of alcohol rehab program you choose.

The information below will help you to find alcohol Treatments in Saskatchewan. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Treatments for Alcohol Addiction in Saskatchewan


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