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Methadone Detox And Treatment In Saskatchewan

Opiate addiction impacts many young people and young adults throughout the province of Saskatchewan, with many becoming addicted to heroin and pain medications. There are treatment options spread across the province, including detox programs that also provide methadone detox and treatment for those people looking forward to coming off of methadone. Methadone is used to help addicts stop using other opiates. Some of these addicts seek out treatment while still taking methadone, while others simply rely on the drug to help them stay clean off of their previous drugs of choice, and choose not to attend treatment. It is not uncommon. However, for users of methadone to still be using other drugs heavily, especially alcohol. This is simply indicating that methadone may keep a person off of certain opiates; it does not necessarily handle the actual addiction problems. Methadone will also cause a physical dependency for its user, which will make it quite difficult to stop using cold turkey.

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One of the first steps involved in wanting to get off of methadone is to talk to a doctor and start a program that will taper the dose down to a more manageable dose that could be withdrawn off of. This is also possible in a methadone detox center where the doctors and staff will taper a user down under constant supervision and to also help monitor and alleviate any withdrawal symptoms. Alleviating withdrawal symptoms are normally done with other medications, and by the end of the detox process, a person is typically off of all drugs and unnecessary medications. This is very important when looking forward to entering a drug treatment center after completing detox, as being completely drug-free will help tremendously with the recovery process and maintaining long term sobriety. Many detox centers also use holistic techniques to help improve and heal a person physically. As drugs deplete the body of all its natural vitamins and minerals, it is important to replenish and promote optimum well being.

Throughout the province of Saskatchewan, there are numerous different types of treatment resources available, including outpatient programs, residential treatment, and detox services; which are also, included in some residential treatment programs? Methadone detox treatment is something that is specifically done for people wanting to get off of methadone, as many people in this situation have been on the drug for quite some time and may be on some very high dosages. It is important to understand that methadone is not necessarily a long term fix Definition of the word fix for addiction, although people have seen success in getting off of other opiates using methadone, the eventual goal should be to become completely drug-free.

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