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Residential Alcohol And Drug Treatment In Saskatchewan

Within the province of Saskatchewan are nine different inpatient drug and alcohol treatment programs that can offer traditional and non-traditional forms of therapy and counseling. Many of these facilities are directly connected with the First Nations communities and provide support and treatment programs for its members. Residential treatment is an effective approach for any addict and his or her family, and everyone can find the right type of counseling and treatment they require.

The most important part of the residential alcohol treatment program is counseling. Most of the patient's time will be spent in various counseling sessions, where they will try to learn why they started to drink. During these counseling sessions, the patient will look at their habits and determine what things they will have to change so that they can enjoy a healthier, alcohol-free future. The average residential alcohol and drug treatment program uses a combination of family, individual, and group counseling sessions.

The Rancho Ehrlo Society in Pilot Butte is a residential facility that specializes in treatment programs for children and teenagers who have had a problem with alcohol abuse. While they do treat a wide range of ages, their expertise lies in treating the younger population for not only recovery but a life long commitment to remaining sober.

The Regina Recovery Homes in Indian Head is a top quality residential treatment facility and detox center. They specialize in a holistic approach to treating their patients for not only alcohol dependence but for mental well being.

The Calder Centre in Calder is a great place for people to find help with their alcohol dependency. This residential program has many different treatment programs for treating the individual and the families that are involved. They have a holistic approach that reaches across the many different cultures that are found within the province of Saskatchewan.

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Weyburn Drug and Alcohol Services is another great place for finding help with overcoming their alcohol addiction. They specialize in helping those who need personal attention with their addiction. A combination of both inpatient and outpatient care helps to keep their success rate quite high.

If these government programs have too much. We have found affordable private treatment in Saskatchewan for drug and alcohol addiction that will take you right away.

Long Term Drug and Alcohol Rehabs in Saskatchewan

There are different facilities that offer residential drug rehab in Saskatchewan. Out of these, some of them will have a long-term treatment for alcohol or drug addiction. There are choices available, and if none fit you, we can also help you find treatment outside of Saskatchewan. Being outside the environment of using drugs or alcohol can be helpful.

Short Term Drug Rehabs in Saskatchewan

There are many short term drug rehab treatments located in Saskatchewan. Therefore, there are many options where short term rehab treatments are concerned. By short-term treatment in Saskatchewan, we mean a treatment that lasts 30 days or shorter. Just because they are short term treatments doesn't mean that there aren't many options.

The information below will help you on how to find a residential drug rehab in Saskatchewan. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Residential Treatment Centers in Saskatchewan


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