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Alcohol Treatment Programs In Selkirk, Manitoba

If Alcohol has a grip on your life or the life of someone you know, it is important that you let us know by contacting us, and we will help you find a solution to this troubling problem.

Selkirk Manitoba is a reasonably small city, with a population just shy of 10,000 residents, and a beautiful landscape. However, the danger of alcohol addiction and abuse hangs grimly over the lives of many who live in this area and choose not to take advantage of the many alcohol rehab options that are open to them.

The first and most common of the alcohol treatment programs in Selkirk Manitoba available to those suffering from alcohol abuse is the Alcoholics Anonymous program, which is an anonymous meeting, free of charge, in which sufferers of alcohol abuse can go to find support and seek refuge from the harsh effects of alcoholism. The other members of the group share the same affliction as you do, though the severity differs to some degree, and they are willing to share their problems and progress with you in order to allow you to learn and gain strength from their success stories and struggles. For severe addiction, most of the people will have to attend an alcohol treatment facility outside of Selkirk, which is normally to cut the person out of his drinking environment.

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Going to AA

You are not required to use your full name or address or anything of that nature since it is an anonymous program, and this generally allows you to be more honest about your dealings with alcohol, since you are able to speak freely without fear of judgment. The best thing you can do to deal with your addiction is to attend these meetings, and be accountable to others, as they are accountable to you, as you all deal with similar addictions and afflictions. Meeting those who are able to help you get back up on your feet as you help them back on the wonders of their work for your addictions and helps you break the habit in a much faster time than you would otherwise.

Apart from the AA meetings available in Selkirk, the Addictions Federation of Manitoba also has an office and clinic in this city, to offer you more in-depth help if you need it. Offering programs such as in-home rehab, non-residential rehab for those who need help but are able to control their addiction enough to travel safely, teen education and rehab services related to alcohol abuse, and family counseling for families with a vital member suffering from alcohol addiction. The AFM is a very successful non-profit organization, set in place to help the citizens of the province of Manitoba find the assistance they or their families may need to help break addictive habits that could potentially destroy their lives or endanger the lives of others. Their state-of-the-art care facilities combine a kind and caring staff with highly effective addiction combating methods to help you get back on your feet as quickly as possible and restore normalcy to your life.

Getting Yourself Back to Normal

Whether you have problems moderating your alcohol intake after the occasional drink, or you have an extreme addiction to alcohol that is endangering your livelihood and the livelihood of your beloved family members, there are several effective programs in Selkirk, Manitoba, that can help you efficiently and effectively remove the dangerous habit from your life, so that you can get back to living the way you should be. If you live in Selkirk, Manitoba and are in need of alcohol detox and rehab, contact us, and we will gladly help you.


The information below will help you on how to find an alcohol outpatient rehab center in Selkirk, Manitoba. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of outpatient treatments in Selkirk, Manitoba

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