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The 12 Steps Programs: Sex And Love Addicts Anonymous

There are many different fellowships that have adopted the 12 Steps philosophy that was invented for Alcoholics Anonymous. One of them is Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous.

The Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous fellowship was created in Boston, Massachusetts in 1976. It was created by an Alcoholics Anonymous member who had been unfaithful on several occasions and had often had unhealthy sexual relations. This is why Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous came about. The way they judge what should be abstained from, as each person has different urges, is to set the “bottom-line behavior." These are the behaviors which lead to loss of control on the part of the members and which eventually result in destruction of themselves and others around them, whether it is physical, emotional or moral destruction. Every member is encouraged to find their own bottom-line behaviors and then to abstain from it.

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So that in order to stay “sober," one has to abstain from these bottom-line behaviors. The goal of the fellowship is for its members to be able to develop healthy committed relationships. This is done through abstinence of all behaviors that would bring about destruction for the member and people around them.

The publication that came about for this fellowship is “Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous” which goes over the different parts of the program. This publication was approved by the organization and is now in use within the Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous fellowship. The fellowship Co-Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous was also created for the families and friends of those who are sex and love addicts. This is good as a lot of family members and friends are very much affected by such behaviors.

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