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Shelter Services In Canada

Shelters are designed to provide brief housing for people who are out on the street and have no place to live or go. These places exist to provide safety and support for these individuals, along with a temporary bed and a hot meal, but they can also refer people to job placement programs, addiction services, and counseling services to help people in need. There are shelters located all throughout the country and in every city and small town; many of these shelters are run by volunteer organizations and receive private funding, but others are run through government-funded programs, all of which provide similar services. Shelters are available to help youth and young adults along with men and women who may be struggling with homelessness, addiction, or may simply be facing some hard times.

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 Many people who enter shelters may be battling a drug and or alcohol addiction, and many shelters provide some form of drug and alcohol treatment, whether this is in the form of counseling, twelve-step meetings, support groups, detox services, and basic medical services.  Shelters are also able to help provide treatment resources and can help refer an addict to a drug and alcohol treatment center for further help.  Many shelters are as well equipped to help people find gainful employment and housing, along with helping to reestablish their lives through learning life skills and abilities to help maintain a stable lifestyle.  Shelters are an excellent resource and are operated by volunteers and dedicated individuals wanting to help others and make a difference.

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