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Sober Living Facilities in Canada

Drug and alcohol treatment can take a very long period of time, and some patients are in a treatment center for months and months on end. Being within a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program will bring about a certain disconnect from society, and in many situations, it can be difficult to transition back into society. One of the many services available throughout Canada that assists recovering addicts with this process is sober living facilities or sober living communities. The strict regiments and routines within drug rehabilitation centers are designed to help addicts focus on treatment and nothing else. Somewhat of the opposite takes place within a sober living community, the recovering addict can put all of his or her attention on re-integration, while also continually working on their sobriety. Because the outside world is very different from that of drug rehab centers, it can be a major transition for a recovering addict. Some of the factors that make it difficult include:

  • No full-time employment or work available – some addicts do hot have a job when they go into drug rehab, or they may have not worked steady while they were maintaining their addiction. Sober living communities can help a recovering addict acquire gainful employment, and learn new skills to get a job and hold onto this job.
  • Not having sober friends or other like-minded associates to connect with – while staying at a sober living home, the person will meet other sober people. It is important that a recovering addict keeps connected to people who are on the same page, and want the same things.
  • Family problems or not having a stable environment to go back to – one of the aspects in treatment includes rebuilding the family dynamic. In some situations, the family environment is so unstable, that it can be very difficult to go back to.

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How do sober living communities operate?

Some of the basic rules one should expect within a sober living house will of course be no alcohol, drugs, or gambling. The residents will typically have to pay rent, be accountable for his or her living space, and buy their own food. There will also be daily or weekly chores throughout the house and most group homes will have some type of curfew, and will administer random drug testing. These types of rules are normally very easy to follow, especially coming from a drug and alcohol treatment center, where the rules are usually much stricter. The sober living home is there to help them embrace their brand-new life and freedom, and begin to create a new life and with the right balance of structure and independence, all this can be possible. These environments provide a protected environment so as the person can gain new responsibilities. The built-in support network will not allow a person to become isolated and feel alone. The re-integration process is an excellent tool, and has helped many people start their new lives.

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