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Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers In Spruce Grove, Alberta

One of the perks of living in Alberta is that there are fewer people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. A big part of this has to do with the fact that so much of Alberta is isolated. Even the larger cities like Calgary and Edmonton don't get as many visitors as more southern cities. However, those in need of drug rehab centers should make sure to attend one.

Teens in Spruce Grove

Since there are fewer addictions, and more importantly fewer drugs to be found, most parents’ feel that places like Spruce Grove, Alberta is the perfect place to raise their teenage children.

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On the one hand, parents aren't wrong. Fewer people means that teens don't come into the variety of drugs that they would be exposed to if they were living in a larger city, but parents shouldn't fool themselves into thinking that their teens aren't getting their hands on some illegal substances. Teens are going to experiment and figure out ways to rebel no matter where they live. Even in a smaller community like Spruce Grove, teens are going to manage to get themselves into trouble. And if they do, they might need the help of professionals in drug rehab centers.

Teens in Alberta

In 2002, a survey of Albertan teens was taken. When the results came in, it quickly became very apparent that Albertan teens were still doing the types of experiments that can lead to addictions when the teen reaches their mid-twenties. The survey revealed that approximately 56% of all teenagers who were in grades 7-12 had at some point indulged in alcohol; this drinking usually takes place when the teen is at a party that doesn't have parental supervision. The alarming fact that was revealed is how many teens were more comfortable experimenting with marijuana instead of cigarettes. Only 16% of the teens surveyed said that they tried to smoke a cigarette. 28% said that they had tried smoking marijuana.

The fact that the teenage population is acting out, really shouldn't come as a surprise. The trick is making sure that teens understand the possible short-term and long-term effects their experimentation can have. In addition to making sure they know about the physical dangers of drugs and alcohol; teens should also know about the possible legal ramifications as well.

Make Help Accessible

Sometimes a teen needs more help than their parents can give them. Other times a teen needs to feel like they have someone they can talk to, someone who isn't their parent. Alberta has 13 separate hotlines that a teen can call. Keeping a list of these numbers readily available is always a good idea. However, if they need more help, such as a drug rehab center, they should be sent to one.

Getting Treatment

If a teen's drug or alcohol use has gotten severe, to the point where they act like they are addicted to the substance, it is time for parents to take more extreme action. There are a few drug rehab treatment facilities in nearby Edmonton. If you feel that a 12-step program will be a better choice for your teen, District 10 Alcoholics Anonymous has two weekly meetings in Spruce Grove, and there are more in the neighboring communities. Furthermore, anyone can attend a drug rehab program in Alberta. Most are provincially funded.

The information below will help you on how to find a drug rehab center in Spruce Grove, Alberta. The list could be incomplete, so if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-877-254-3348.

List of Drug and Alcohol Rehab Services in Spruce Grove, Alberta

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